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3/15/2011 4:34am,
Well I own a mosin nagant as well as a double barrel 12 guage, pump action 12 guage, and a .22. Im planning on buying a new gun soon and I was originally going to buy an AK but Ive been thinking about getting a pistol. My question is do you think the mosin would be a sufficient shft rifle?

3/15/2011 11:24am,
It depends what you mean.

It would be adequate for hunting a large variety of game and adequate for fending off poorly armed looters. For neither of those purposes would I choose an AK if I had choices.

3/15/2011 2:36pm,
Depends on how bad it is. I and those I train with all use AR platform rifles. If I were you, I would get a solid handgun(Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, Springfield,...), then progress to a good battle rifle.

How long is the barrel on the pump shotgun? and the double barrel?

I take it the .22 is a rifle?

3/15/2011 3:42pm,
It worked well for the Russian homefront in WWII. It's not ideal, but it's a great rifle for 100 dollars.

3/15/2011 7:02pm,
It is and it has alot going for it in terms of price and ammo availability, but it is also very heavy, 5 shot capacity, bolt action, and too big for small game, which should be taken into account for a "SHTF" scenario.

3/15/2011 11:09pm,
Define SHTF. Are you planing on shooting looters or game? If game, big or small? you live in urban or rural? I have a 91/30 I use as a plinker, mainly because surplus ammo is cheap. SHTF and I cannot take all my guns, I would choose my M4rgery, on account of it being more versatile.

3/15/2011 11:21pm,
That nagant should do you fine for SHTF. It's reliable and it's accurate. Biggest problem is ammo availability. 7.62x54 isn't that hard to find, but in a SHTF scenario it'll get rare pretty fast unless you've got reloading equipment that you can take mobile if you aren't planning on holing up. Also, keep in mind that it only takes one good shot for you to upgrade your weapon. If I were you I'd buy a pistol before I bought another rifle. Something in a common caliber, like whatever your local cops use or 9mm since the army is still using that.

Roaming East
3/16/2011 1:16pm,
No. The action is stiff and cumbersome, and regardless of how cheap ammo is to find NOW, in a SHTF scenario, your going to be disappointed if your primary ammunition isnt something that is very commonly manufactured in this country. There are plenty of bolt guns just as rugged, more accurate and with a propensity towards native cartridges that could fill the role. an SKS would be a better choice IMO if the primary qualifier is price.
-a more commonly found round
-adequate power for big game like deer without being TOO powerful for smaller game like raccoon or possum. its basically a re-badged .30-30
-superior firepower. If you need to have it, its there for you.

3/16/2011 2:09pm,
I personally don't think a bolt action rifle would ever be a good choice for SHTF situations given the widespread availability of semi-automatics. For your home, the shotgun should probably be your primary choice.

In a hostile encounter where the other person is armed with a rifle, I would not want a bolt action in my hands if they had a semi-automatic with a 30 round mag in theirs.

3/16/2011 4:00pm,
Generally speaking I'd probably agree, though it depends on the situation and the bolt I have and the semi auto they have.

I'd take an accurrized bolt action .308 and up with a quality optic with 1000 yards of open terrain vs. the other guy with his semi auto 5.56/5.45/7.62x39.

I also don't quite agree that SHTF ammo needs to be primarily US ammo. In all likelihood, you would be limited to what you yourself or those in your circle of friends have stockpiled. You can easily and cheaply stockpile 7.62x54R, much cheaper than any other similar sized round. You can also easily and cheaply stockpile rifles that shoot it, so you could arm others in your possibly expanding circle of friends with a decent long range rifle.

Wounded Ronin
3/16/2011 8:37pm,
I own to Mosins. I think they're absolutely terrific. However, if you have to use one for home defense, you'd better think of it as a spear and use it with bayonet fixed. Because of its great weight, really low rate of fire, and probable difficulty of being able to fire and work the bolt smoothly in a CQB situation, I really think of it as a spear that can also shoot, when I imagine situations like that.

The other thing is that the cartridge is enormous and powerful. If you fire it indoors without hearing protection I don't know what kind of damage you'll do to your hearing. The round will certainly over penetrate. As awesome as it may be to speculate about the kind of damage that a 7.62x54 JSP will do to a crackhead, I can't think of any socially responsible way to fire that weapon except for pointed downwards down a staircase as the crackhead charges usp.

When I think of that weapon in the context of defending your house, I think of it as a tool for someone who deep down inside really wants to kill a man using hand to hand combat, but who wants the ability to shoot to be there just in case. In other words you'd have to be deranged on some level to seriously consider it in that light.

3/17/2011 9:23am,
This thread is full of win! I enjoy shooting mine, but it would be one of the last guns I would use for home defense, unless I wanted to beat someone to death, and even then, it is too big for my hallways.
AND: bullpup! http://www.cbrps.com/Products.html

3/17/2011 9:33am,
I like SHTF gear to be the most common stuff around for ease of finding ammo/parts. 1911s, Glocks, AR15, REM 870. That being said the MG is an inexpensive, hard hitting , dependable firearm. I just wouldn't have it as my only gun. SKS is another good low cost zombie weapon.

3/19/2011 9:13pm,
I have to go with Roaming East, all the others who've made the points about "define SHTF" and "will you be able to get new ammo, or need to use your own and what you can find" - all that. I'd go with something like an M-16 derivative.

Or, with that op's current stock, I'd recommend a good handgun as the next purchase. Sounds like he has short range home defense (12 ga), varmint/light hunting (.22) and long range makes-big-holes (M-N) covered, personally I think a pistol or two (again, in an easy-to-find caliber) would be a good next tool.

But I'm just another guy spouting off on bullshido, so whatever!