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11/17/2002 4:08am,
Now, I dont know what the **** y`all are having beef with each other about. I really dont care either. However, when you said you "train" at 678 broadway, NY, Jamoke- I know your fucking lying. The SIFU there is SHI YAN-MING a fucking world famous shaolin kung fu artist. This guy is amazing. He studied at Shaolin since he was 5, and was the first monk to take the "true tradition style" to the US. This guy would absolutly waste anyone on this site, in seconds. Monks train ALL FUCKING DAY, and this guy is one of the best. His demos of strength are incredible and world famous. I dont even know **** about kung fu but I know this guy. Hes everywhere, BB magazine and TV. Now, you say Jamoke you answer phones for him??? Uhhhh.....sure. This guy has MANY students and prolly wouldnt let you touch anything that represents his business. If you did train with him, youd be less of an asshole and more of a man. So, please stop disrespecting this respectful, powerful, and diplomatic man, by saying you train w/ him...or answer phones on SAT for 8 hrs. Jamoke the joke, you couldnt take one class with this guy. I bet he could almost decapitate you with one punch. Give it a rest...and at leat know who the **** your talking about before you talk your ****.

11/17/2002 4:55pm,
LIARS love to make excuses. I'm actually a liar too......please go doen to train with my friend Jason. He actualy SUCKS. You'd TOTALLY kick his ass man. I was just trying to make you paranoid. PLEASE go there and kick his ass, he's only like 150lbs soaking wet and is a TOTAL wuss, not tough at all.

By the way, I'm training at Shaolin Kung Fu on Wedesday.

11/17/2002 9:16pm,
**** shi yan-ming and "shaloin kung fu."

The only good thing about it is that the RZA goes there.

Don't go there and think it sucks and then say that all kung fu is a joke.

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11/17/2002 11:51pm,
**** you mikus. your not known around the world are you? Shaolin is very cheap. Why dont you go there for a 6 mth. contract, and see how long you last working out for 14 hrs. a day.

I never said kung fu was a joke, I said the opposite. Can you read?

peedee- I live on the wrong coast. Shi YAN-MING is your friend? He sucks? Say that to his face. Id like to see him go monkey on your ass and rip out your larnyx. If your talking of Jamoke the joke, saying he sucks, thats evident.

Jamoke- You make no sense. You said you train there. You also called peedee a woman and a man in the same post. You always insult like 2nd grade ****, and hide behind that. You are a giant smokescreen. So stop avoiding the issus and just admit that you dont train at the USA shaolin and SIFU SHI YAN-MING would rib out your organs and eat them as delicacy.

Karate Fighter
11/18/2002 12:01am,
Hey Jay!! USA shaolin is cheap huh. I went to their site and didn't see any contracts or prices. I coulda missed it. How does the rate go??

I want to learn shaolin!!

11/18/2002 12:25am,
Hey Peedee, keep me updated on this Shaolin Kung Fu...

Tell me after Wednesday, how it goes....(Like did you got whopp or did you win?)

Thanks man

11/18/2002 12:49am,
hey karate...no the actual Shaolin kung fu in China is pretty cheap. Anyone can join, many dont stay. You can find the info on the Shaolin website. Shaolin USA is one of the head monks upstarts in NY

11/18/2002 1:00am,
Doesn't shi yan-ming have a wife and kids and drink alcohol?

And he's a monk?!?

11/18/2002 1:10am,
ha and he eats beef too!

11/18/2002 4:16am,
Personally I don't see whats so special about the guy. From what I can see the classes are not for self defense. Thats a small part of it but its also about the "art". I dont think he could rip out anyones larynx. This isn't Kung Fu Theatre.

11/18/2002 2:41pm,
you havent seen any of his strength demonstrations? Do some research on him,you`ll find out.

11/18/2002 6:10pm,
So let me get this straight Jamoke. You use the juvenile language to put down another human being who you have challenged to a physical confrontation. Which, I might point out, you challenged him to fight a specific instructor that you believed would "kick his ass". You then send him the email of posts that peedee sent. In some of the posts Peedee actually says he seemed to like the guy and may go train with him.

You sent these posts to a Shaolin Monk who is Buddhist and hold all life sacred and overall passive? Help me out here my friend, what part here doesn't make sense. I seem to be getting lost.

11/18/2002 8:09pm,
go teach a class mikey

11/18/2002 8:18pm,
ah, yeah...just hired a new instructor...I teach them....That'll be at 5pm pst...thanks for the advice answer the question.