View Full Version : Need Help, Need a Real Dojo

3/11/2011 9:14pm,
Hey, im lookin for a Dojo around me that isnt some fake ass ****, right now im a USSD victim and still in it, cuz well thats all i got right now, I need to find a Real dojo that will teach me how to do some damage out there in the real world, not some fuckin overpriced USSD BS, I need help, Please suggest any Dojos or MMA locations you know around the Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, or Dana Point (Orange county, Californa, USA) Locations. Right now im thinking about the USBA (US Black Belt academy, yes the name is screaming a bit Mcdojo, but what they teach and how it seems is a bit eh, but it also is 150 a month and require you to use there gear soooo)

3/11/2011 10:16pm,
Found a place im considering, if anybody has any info on it or has went there please pitch in and give me your experience there and opinions or review. its the Lightning MMA (in Laguna Niguel) by James Wilks.