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3/12/2004 11:10pm,

'Average' nine-year-old happs to be Judo master

Jason Pisano 03/12/2004

WEST WARWICK - When you first feast your eyes on Katelyn Bouyssou, she appears to be your average nine-year old girl. But after you see her in ac-tion on the Judo mat, she is anything but average.

Bouyssou, a fourth-grader at Hope Elementary School in Scituate, has been dominating the Judo world for the last three years.

Serge Bouyssou, Katelyn's father and Judo instructor ex-plained that he feels his daughter has a very special gift along with a work ethic unmatched by any.

"Katelyn is so focused on Judo, she wants to be the very best she can be. She trains so intensely that sometimes I have to step in and tell her that has to rest for a couple days," he smiled. "I started taking Judo when I was three, and right now Katelyn is light-years ahead of where I was at her age."

Serge, the current National Masters Judo Champion, ex-plained that his daughter has some very high goals set for herself before she stops com-peting at such a competitive level.

"I feel Katelyn is the best shot the United States has at a Gold Medal at the Olympics," he said proudly. "She really wants this and I have no doubt that some-day she will attain this goal."

Unlike most nine-year old girls, Katelyn's idea of fun is not sitting at home playing with Barbie dolls. This very energetic and disciplined 55-lb. girl enjoys taking it to her competitors, and she does this in a very aggres-sive way.

"I love Judo. It's a very fun sport," she smiled. "I love throwing people onto the mat and stuff like that. My favorite is the hip throw to the left. I don't know why, but I always do it to the left."

If you have ever had the op-portunity to see this little girl show off her moves on the mat, you will surely know that she has a gift for this sport.

"Katelyn works out six days a week. Along with two hours of Judo a day, she does a lot of calisthenics; she does 1,000 pushups and 500 sit-ups. She is just incredible," Serge said. "In the last six months, she has dominated two US Junior Olympic competitions and last month she won a Gold Medal in the first Tokyo International Judo Championships in Japan. Along with this she captured the state wrestling title competing against all boys. Kids just don't seem to be able to compete with her, she's that good."

Although Katelyn gets a lot of major attention that is not what inspires her to be great. She says she loves the sport and loves to spend time with her father prac-ticing.

"Judo is just something my family does. It is a major part of our lives. I love this sport be-cause its something my whole family can do together," she said. "When I grow up, I hope to be like my dad and teach Judo to other kids."
Serge Bouyssou runs the Mayo Quanchi Martial Arts Academy. The Academy is lo-cated at 751 Main Street in West Warwick. Hours for visiting are Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. For more infor-mation call 828-3606

ŠThe Coventry Courier 2004

3/13/2004 6:29am,
What's with all the hyphens?

3/13/2004 7:03am,
Don't know. Maybe the girl wrote it herself

3/19/2004 1:48pm,
1000 pushups and 500 situps a day.... isn't that too much stress on a nine year old body?

3/19/2004 3:39pm,
Where does the master part come in?

"What's with all the hyphens?"

I questioned it initially, but then I realised that the formatting of the article on that website might required hypens due to space shortage.
Then I check the ar-ticle and I was correct.

3/19/2004 3:58pm,

3/19/2004 4:02pm,
ha ha!

1000 pushups from a 9 year old girl, that's a good one

3/19/2004 9:19pm,
bullshit, maybe if she did like 10 every once in a while lol

(what a load)

Crazy Carl
3/22/2004 10:15am,
All of that hard training cant be too good for a body that's not even near done growing. She'll have some problems when shes older.

3/22/2004 11:09am,
don't worry , in a couple of years Ronins daughter will whoop her ass :)

3/22/2004 11:22am,
I think the "masters" part of the father's title means "old guy". In NAGA it would be called "executive".

1/14/2007 5:05pm,
She's now ranked #1 in the world in her wt class. She can do 1 arm push ups until she is told to stop.

1/14/2007 9:44pm,
i bet she could kata guruma me, and it would probably make an awesome photograph.

1/14/2007 11:26pm,
OH ****. I've SEEN this girl in action! She's CRAZY (and Serge is fucking insane, he drills a young 15 yr old kid who threw someone for a waza-ari from a higher weight class on why he failed the ippon, I think his place is called Mayo-Quanshi (sp?) )

Okay, so the local pidlledee-diddledee judo tournament is in Foxboro, MA. Serge and his troupe (including daughter) show up and turn what was a local friendly 1nce a month tourney into the GREATEST JUDO ASS-RAPE OF ALL TIME.

You see, it's not just his daughter that does his insane workout/training 5-6 times a week, but EVERYONE IN HIS DOJO does. They regularly wipe the floor with Pedro's Team. And everyone else is just a 2-3 time a week-er, y'know? So we all die in wonderously spectacular fashions. That might've made the home movie Judo HL reel of all time.

Still, the BEST part was his little girl (who herself didn't escape the wrath of Serge) and she even threw our two little girls we had entered in her weight class. Both lost. Within 15 seconds. By a drop ippon seio. She makes me (220lb's of gelatenous mass) quiver in fear like a Jell-o commercial. THIS IS NOT BULLSHIT.

1/14/2007 11:33pm,
so her dad is that guy?

1/15/2007 4:08am,
Her dad is that guy plus some. He is the trainer every judoka in New England wants to train with. He says that if it weren't for the family money Pedro had to fly to all the international tourneys he couldn't afford to go to HE would be at the Olympics. (I heard this because one of our little girls who got raped by his daughter decided we weren't tough enough and left for Mayo-Quanshi Dojo but her dad still keeps in touch with us) <-- A little embarrasing but true. And as a matter of pride it seems our former little trainee will be entering the Nationals and an International in Britain this year in the same division (if not skill level) of the Champ.