View Full Version : Artist strings up hundreds of speedbags to make Ali portrait

3/07/2011 6:39pm,

Californian artist Michael Kalish has been putting together a massive project of a portrait of Muhammad Ali. The materials involved are pretty staggering: "1,300 punching bags, five miles of stainless steel and two miles of aluminum tubing".

Kalish was approached for the project by Ali's wife Yolanda after being impressed with his other art. The final project, which he calls "reALIze", is on display for two weeks at the Nokia Plaza in LA, then he plans to display it elsewhere.

Original article from Yahoo sports:



3/07/2011 6:45pm,
That's pretty fuckin' awesome. Fucker stole my idea though, and now my John Waters portrait made entirely of teabags will never see the light of day.

3/07/2011 6:58pm,
I'd like to see all those bags go to a good cause if this thing gets taken apart for space. Maybe donate them to boxing gyms in poor neighborhoods or something.

3/07/2011 7:47pm,
That's pretty damned amazing. The scope of the project is indeed staggering, I'm mildly blown away looking at the pic.

And I'm with you, Permalost, on donating the bags when it's finally disassembled for good. Send a couple my way!