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Demon Eyes
2/27/2011 2:43am,
More accurate. Which astounds me because they deal with fictitious characters.

I've watched the previous episodes and always felt that their research and fact checking was pretty good but this just cements it. The fact that they recognize that the "Ninjato" is a weapon created by Hollywood and that the nunchuku is pretty much pointless just makes me wish that the guys behind this would take over the actual show that they are parodying.

Just felt I should share. Plus, I can't wait for the next episode.

2/27/2011 9:49am,
There was an episode? All I saw was commercials.

2/27/2011 10:10am,
I gave up watching the series after the first season, so many issues with how they do things and the fights they setup.

2/27/2011 10:29am,
Loved the Samus Aran vs Boba Fett episode, about to watch Zangief vs Mike Haggar. This may become my new favorite youtube time-waster.

Conde Koma
2/27/2011 3:08pm,
screw attack needs more fun video series like this. hard news is okay, and the game overthinker is great, but the other series i've seen need a lot of work.

Demon Eyes
2/28/2011 5:36am,
I've always enjoyed the countdowns but you do make an excellent point. I'd like to see more shows with as much comic value and research as the one presented in Death Battle.