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2/24/2011 1:09pm,
Hello All,

Since I most definitely fall into the parameters of a newb, I think I'm contractually obligated to throw up on of those OMG~! I CAN HAS BJJ! posts, right? Fine...

First, Iím 49-years old. I have absolutely no martial arts experience. And with the exception of Matt Rodway handing me my backside in the 7th grade, Iíve never been in a physical confrontation in my life. However, I think a little back story might be in order so you guys and gals can understand a little where Iím coming from.

Six years ago I was involved in an Ďaccidentí that changed my life. I was on a quick morning jog when a mini-van blew a tire, careened off the road and literally ran me over. My arm got caught on something in the undercarriage of the vehicle and I was dragged under the van. I broke both my legs, pelvis, sternum and my left arm almost to the point of having to have it amputated. A year and a half of recovery and physical therapy later, and I still wasnít all there, mentally or physically.

Over the next couple years everything, including anything resembling fitness, took a back seat. Iíve watched myself grow horizontally at an alarming rate. Fitness was something Iíve always held near and dear, but it, along with most things that day, fell by the wayside. At my lowest point I actually hit 280-lbs in what was once a not-quite-shredded-but-somewhat-buff 6-ft, 180-lb frame. I tried multiple times over those years to get myself back into shape but used the accident as an excuse. I just couldnít physically do it anymore, Iíd say to myself, and stuff another donut down to feel better about itÖ

Well, my last physical was something of an epiphany for me, especially when the Doc said I would be looking at some very serious medical conditions in my future if I did not change my ways and immediately at that. At the time, my diet was atrocious and the closest thing I did that resembled exercise was get up out of bed. My fitness level was somewhere between pork-rind engorged invalid and a corpse.

So Iíve decided to do something about it, using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as my chosen avatar. I know absolutely nothing about it except for what Joe Rogan has told me. The last three months have been spent in the basement with the kettle-balls, treadmill and a massive reduction in the waistline (and ego).

Iíve enrolled in a Prof. Pedro Sauer affiliate school, with my first class this coming Monday.

And after observing a class last night, I canít begin to explain how stoked I am about starting. I think it would be akin to trying to explain the joy of bacon to a vegetarian...

Anyway, I can give partial credit to this site for steering me away from something Iíd eventually regret (Combat Hapkido, anyone? *) and making me laugh along the way.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to joining in on the discussion.

* I am in no way besmirching Combat Hapkido or anyone who trains in it. The particular school I checked out wanted a school registration fee, international federation joining fee, pre-belt testing fee, training manual with accompanying DVD fee, required the purchase of two pairs of officially liscensed training pants and four t-shirts... and to automatically debit my checking account for 12 months. And all of this from a 'Master' who was a good 150-lbs overweight and was digging into a bag of Funyons while he was explaining all of this to me. No thanks...

2/24/2011 2:15pm,
Welcome from a fellow newb.

That story really puts my broken fibula in perspective.

I was nearly 40 when I started SAMBO, and it's nice to see that there are actually people older than me trying martial arts for the first time. Good luck in your journey.

2/24/2011 2:27pm,
Welcome to the forum. Good luck in your training.

2/24/2011 2:33pm,
Welcome & best of luck to you BeeLair! I started when I was fourty and dropped from 225 to 175 in my first year (& I have managed to maintain that since).
It will do that to you as long as you eat right and train plenty.

2/24/2011 2:49pm,
I have done HKD since I was a kid, and yes to all the bjj nutriders, I dabble in some BJJ. In my school we require regisration fees when testing for your Black. It varies from school to school Im sure, but the image of that instructor munching on funyuns would be a red flag. Good luck in your training, and dont get discouraged along the way the bjj community can be harsh at times, but as they say iron sharpens iron.

2/24/2011 4:23pm,
Welcome to the site.

You write well, maybe you should look at this thread:

Also this one for all you old folks!
Martial Artist Lily Pagle Earns her BJJ Black Belt at age 61.


2/24/2011 6:24pm,
Don't forget to check and see if there's a a Throwdown group in your area, BeeLair.

Just in case you want to meet up with other Bullies for beer 'n' beatings or do drills or something.

Welcome aboard.

2/25/2011 12:00am,
Welcome to the site and congrats to you for getting off the couch and getting back into physical activity after a very unpleasant sounding accident.