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Tony Baggadonuts
11/16/2002 8:12pm,
Hello Sensei Alter7ate, aka Chee Xiong, aka Healing Machine, aka Ghost, aka Anrea Place Sensei. I was wondering if you could use your #1 internet powers and tell me the winner of Tito vs. Shamrock. I want to make some money.
Also, I know you are a 3rd degree blackbelt in Chinese Herbs, and wanted to let you know that I am a 2nd degree blackbelt in Mexican herbs. Peace, Tony B.

11/17/2002 2:37am,
Tell us about Mexican herbs curandero. I like to know how much you know or dont know.


Tony Baggadonuts
11/17/2002 2:54am,

Well everytime I have a headache or hangover and smoke some Mexican herbs, I feel great.

Peace, Tony

11/17/2002 3:00am,
Tito comes to my mind...I see him winning

This is my prediction.....but my powers are not at full force because I just fought a war with Aranha and he threw me out of Jiu-jitsu.net

And Mexican herbs are like weed and stuff, I am close?

Tony Baggadonuts
11/17/2002 3:56am,
Yes, Master alter7ate you are correct. Remember, I train kyokushin, so my lineage dates back to Mas Oyama. I hope to have the sam einternet powers as you one day.

Tony Baggadonuts
11/17/2002 3:58am,
BTW, as your disciple, should I refer to you as Sensei, Master, Sifu, etc? Please tell me.

11/17/2002 4:38am,
You've got to be kidding me......
I think Shamrock's going to surprise a few of you. And I don't even like Shamrock.

11/17/2002 5:19am,

The Shaman spirits told me that Tito will win...

You should call me GrandMaster Chee "The Healing machine" Xiong Sensei

Yes, Mas Oyama is one of the only man who could of defeated the mighty Kimura

Your Alter7nate Clan ID = 3642645ELITE77-0651MA8

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11/17/2002 6:03am,
Hey ater7ate, are you also warmest winter ever on jiu-jitsu.net?

11/17/2002 7:35am,
Yeah, but they KICKE me out a few days ago...EVEN AFTER I bought Aranha's book!!!

Tony Baggadonuts
11/17/2002 8:26pm,
Thank you, Grandmaster Chee "The Healing Machine" Xiong Sensei. I am honored to be part of your clan.