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3/11/2004 4:28pm,
I know the karate straight punch is a evil thing to do.
I know boxing is reknowned for its' handwork.
Bruce Lee's punching idea makes some sense
as it puts your strong side forward. It seems that each "style" does its' own thing. I'm open for opinions.

3/11/2004 4:36pm,
I would think the typical boxer punch would be the strongest, having more distance behind it and using the entire body behind it. That doesn't make it the BEST, just the most powerful.

3/11/2004 4:38pm,
Think of it this way:

Boxers ae paid MILLIONS of dollars to punch for a living. It would stand to reason that nobody would no how to throw a punch better than a person like that. When you make 3$30 million to punch someone in the face I'm certain your trainers will find the very BEST way to punch someone in the face.

Mr. Mantis
3/11/2004 4:40pm,
Ronin69 had a friend who did a research project on this.

3/11/2004 4:43pm,
Yes, and the results were that boxers, on an average were the big hitters, but he concluded that it was because they HIT more than MOST MA.

3/11/2004 4:45pm,
Can't beat Logic

3/11/2004 4:47pm,
Although the karate guys that did regular bag work did have very powerful punches, the reverse punch was the most powerful and so was the straight the boxers through, though it should be noted that the boxers with the "most poweful" punches were "punchers" not "boxers".

Omega Supreme
3/11/2004 4:49pm,
Spinning Bitch slap!!!!!

3/11/2004 4:50pm,
I remember reading that Bill Wallace did research on this for his degree and found that the right cross was the most powerful punch.

3/11/2004 5:01pm,
I'd concur; the right cross with proper footwork and body mechanics would have to be the most powerful.

3/11/2004 6:47pm,
Open palm right cross is the most powerful I have. But I have weak wrists, so I always lose power with a clenched fist.

3/11/2004 7:31pm,
There is something intensly satisfying about landing a really solid right cross. I love the noise it makes.

3/11/2004 7:33pm,
overhand right, maybe a strong hook, pretty much boxers in general.

3/11/2004 7:55pm,
Boxers, I would have guessed the straight right.....

3/11/2004 10:38pm,
My guess would be a spinning strike would be the most powerful (if we're not considering straight punches only).

3/12/2004 12:45am,
the left hook baby.