View Full Version : Live Muay Thai Fight Event in Toronto - March 6

2/14/2011 11:29pm,
The first Live, Full-Contact Muay Thai event in years!

visit www.warriormuaythai.com (http://www.warriormuaythai.com) or www.wamtac.org (http://www.wamtac.org) for details


2/17/2011 8:05pm,
Hmmm, sounds interesting. What clubs are sending fight teams?

2/19/2011 2:26am,
Hmmm, sounds interesting. What clubs are sending fight teams?

Warrior Muay Thai - Toronto
Phady's Muay Thai - Cambridge
Iron Tiger Muay Thai - Stoney Creek
South Side Muay Thai - Scarborough
Redemption Muay Thai - Bowmanville
Black Tigers Muay Thai - Toronto
Caged Dragon MMA - Brantford
Tiger Gym - Toronto
Kingston Thai Boxing - Kingston

Possibly a few other additions over the next few days.

2/25/2011 4:18am,
Ahmed Phady (Phady's) vs Firdauws Naiyimi (Warrior)

Jeremy Crooks (Redemption) vs Alex Navaro (Grant Bros)

Guy Furoy (Phady's) vs ?? (Suffer Systems?)

Eric Sun (Warrior) vs Raul Rojas (Southside)

Tom Styres (Caged Dragon) vs Ivan Merida (Phady's)

Craig Renwick (Phady's) vs Paul Martin (Kingston)

Lindsay Austin (Scorpion) vs Drew Stevens (Southside)

Todd Whetter (Caged Dragon) vs Jason Salzman (Tiger Gym)

Ralph Klubinsky (Caged Dragon) vs Preston Pierce (Southside)

Jordan Perez (Phady's) vs Mikhael Jackson (Grant Bros)

Alex Rozicki (Caged Dragon) vs Barry McDonald (Redemption)

3/04/2011 9:19pm,
Hello Friends anf Muay Thai Fans,

We are sorry to announce that due to unforseen circumstances including zoning by-laws of the venue, the Night of Warriors Thai Boxing event has been postponed until further notice. Details of the updated event will be announced soon.

Purchased Tickets will be honored on the new event date or can be refunded from where they where purchased.

WAMTAC and Warrior Muay Thai apologize to everyone who made arrangements to attend or trained to compete.

Thank you for supporting the on-going effort to promote authentic Muay Thai in Ontario.