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2/13/2011 2:52am,
I'm about 6'2", and used to weigh 205 lbs. I've been doing Muay Thai for 6 months and now weigh 194 lbs at 12% body fat. I feel weaker though I haven't lost significant muscle mass.

I want to bulk back up. Assuming I keep 12% body fat, how heavy is optimal for a fighter of my build?

2/13/2011 6:03am,
Assuming this thread is going to newbietown so I'll be nice:

Most MT fighters try to get as light as they can, the ruleset generally favours the taller fighter and its quite handy having a reach advantage. You might feel stronger at 200+ but remember they do to.

The bigger you are, the harder they hit you.

2/13/2011 6:37am,
Only you would know, im 6'1 i want to be 205 because im at the low end of Heavyweight, and would rather fight at light heavyweight. So thats the only way to judge it i feel "small" (More a mental block) at heavyweight and would have to kill myself to cut to 185 so 205 is right for me, if you can make 185 and still feel strong go for it the heavier you go the harder they hit.

2/13/2011 6:42am,
Its always more appealing to be light if you've ever competed. For me, it isn't the power of heavier guys that bothers me, it's the reach. I doesn't matter how hard I can hit and how much I practice head movement etc, if a guy is tall and skillful, I'm on my way to a points defeat.

If you've competed before, and are sure that the extra strength you feel at a heavier weight outweighs the benefits of dropping weight, then I see no reason why you should have to cut.

Omega Supreme
2/13/2011 11:20am,
Does this really need to be in advanced striking? Seriously.

4/25/2011 12:57am,
I would explain how I warm up, but there are children here.

4/25/2011 1:11am,
wrong forum, and if you are thinking of competing you should be cutting down to 185, not trying to bulk up. fatty.

5/10/2011 9:34pm,
As mentioned above, height and reach is a HUGE deal in muay thai. Not only for punching and kicking, but also for getting your weight over the other guy in the clinch to throw knees.
Since your fighting at fixed weight, you want that as much of that weight to be as productive as possible; at 194, that 12% bodyfat are 23 lbs of person that aren't helping you fight. A guy who's the same weight with 6% bodyfat is going to have a substantial amount of muscle on you.

7/09/2013 2:43pm,
Yeah, you have an ideal weight at this height :)