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Pat Regan
1/27/2011 6:03pm,
I was part of Al Dacascos' first School of Chinese Kempo at Cherryland Hall in Hayward back during the mid-60's; and the San Leandro school on East 14th up till August 1969 when I joined the Marines.

Worked with Al again in Colorado, 1973.

I'd like to hear from anyone I knew back then, regardless of what school you were part of.



1/27/2011 6:30pm,
Most of the members here weren't born when you joined the marines - hell, their parents probably hadn't passed puberty yet. Sometimes various people come out of the internet woodword, so to speak; paractitioners of various 'odd' arts or older folks. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

I've done some kaju, mostly Gaylord Method Kajukenbo. Started under Sifu Steve Davis who was belted under Vargas/Gaylord back in the mid seventies. I'm working out some these days in The Dojo, under Kevin Hancey, a 3rd from Gaylord.

Are you training?

Oh, and welcome to Bullshido.