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3/08/2004 11:33am,
I really want to take martial arts of some form. However, my dad will only let me go to a place within about 25 miles of our house. (sucks I know). So, this leaves me with few choices:

1) various tae kwon do schools

2) various american karate schools

3) various aikido schools

Ive learned from a very intelligent source that all of these suck, however the most important thing is what kind of sparring they do.
I want something that will be useful especially in fights at school and, to be creative, fights with riot control police in the near future.

P.S. I also found a school that supposedly teaches many arts including san shou, which i hear from the said source is pretty good.

Mr. Mantis
3/08/2004 11:35am,
Originally posted by coner400
I want something that will be useful especially in fights at school and, to be creative, fights with riot control police in the near future.

I don't know of anything that will help you.

3/08/2004 11:39am,
Too bad they all suck.

3/08/2004 11:42am,

I gotta ask.

Why do you plan to fight with riot police in the near future?

Guerilla Fists
3/08/2004 11:43am,
I would say kung fu is a pretty safe bet. There should be something within 25 miles. Refresh my memory what is san soo about? I hear it is pretty close to the style I study now which is Shou Shu. But that is mainly in California with a few satellite studios throughout the states. Kung Fu, like any martial art will take a good amount of dedicatoin and time before you can apply it. Don't get discouraged, and don't settle for a crap MA, you will just handicap yourself. Our Grandmaster is a 6th degree in TKD and he says it is crap.

3/08/2004 11:44am,
Yeah, it does kind of beg the question....

Planning any insurrections us college students should be made aware of?

Te No Kage!
3/08/2004 11:51am,
If you're in Atlanta, GA, I'd like to think that you have more than three choices. Take a few free classes at each school and decide from that. If anything you'll get free lessons for a while until you make your choice. Don't sign any contracts, anywhere.

3/08/2004 11:52am,
And to be creative, FIGHTS WITH RIOT POLICE? You are either a lunatic, or a troll. If you're a loony, try san shou, the full contact is good for you, but don't fight riot police. They have A)Weapons B)Shields C)Superior numbers. If you are in fact a troll, forget I said anything. Moo.

3/08/2004 11:52am,
Well actually, im in a suburb of atlanta lol
conyers to be exact.

3/08/2004 11:52am,
I don't know much on Son Shou but I've herd that it's pretty good.

Tae kwon do is cool if you want to learn to kick really high but I have my doubts about it's SD worth.

Karate is alright it depends on your teacher really and if you do sparring or not. But basically it's gonna teach you some decent striking which will work in your avg street brawl.

Aikido gets put down alot but I dont really think it's such a bad MA. The bad thing is that it will probably take you longer to be proficient in it than say karate or TKD. In the long run I think aikido can be more effective than tkd or karate but that's going to take some time. With aikido it depends on your instructor really and the style of aikido. Some styles are harder and some softer. If they practice good self defense in there training then it will be pretty good, but if they do it badly well you learn to fight against opponents who are too compliant and don't simulate real attacks. Also it is possible to be street effective rather quickly at aikido some people say depening on which technique's you focus on. Basically all in all it depends on the dojo, i've herd good and bad, but that goes with every MA some dojo's just shouldn't be operating.

So i guess your best bet would be in my opinion Son Shu which sounds alot like a kickboxing/ muy tai-ish MA "The rules of San Shou allow for a wide array of full contact punching, kicking, takedowns and throws derived from the traditional application of Chinese martial arts." that's what i've found so it sounds pretty decent.

If not that than i'd go with aikido or karate depending on what you want, karate would be quicker but i think aikido more effective in the long run. and tkd last because well i've yet to see anything impress me too much besides high kicks.

3/08/2004 11:55am,
Every town has a boxing gym.

3/08/2004 11:56am,
Get a bazooka. It won't suck.

Deadpan Scientist
3/08/2004 11:56am,
Look harder.

3/08/2004 12:01pm,
Good call, Os.

Matt W.
3/08/2004 12:03pm,
I have trouble believing that you live in Atlanta and those are all the schools you can find. Here's some other Atlanta schools you should probably check into...





3/08/2004 12:17pm,
this thread is fake..troll.