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11/15/2002 10:26am,

I am learning TKD at the moment from a guy in manchester england, named Mr Iqbal. He seems very impressive and knowledgable about the art- although he is very understated and does not show off or act aggressive- he is a perfect gentleman. I heard recently tho that he has previously won several english championships and possibly some international honours. Has anyone ever heard of a Mr Iqbal in competition and does this prove (unlike many members of this site) that the more you know the less you need to show.

11/15/2002 12:39pm,
no reason why you shouldn't show off if you're good, as long as you don't annoy anyone/don't be too boastful.

11/15/2002 2:59pm,
I think that you should occassionally show your stuff. I've been training a long time but I still get a kick out of watching my instructor. His technique and speed are inspiring.

Another point is that I want to see what the person is capable of before I train with them....If the person sucks and has poor technique, why would I want to waste my time training there?

Anyone can print up a fake certificate and say they are this or that......I want to "see what you got."

One problem I do have with my instructor (I am also a certified instructor, 3rd dan) is that he will not spar with the students. I am the senior student in class as far as years training and rank. My instructor will not spar with us. There is only one other student in class who will spar at my level (I like to go pretty hard) when he is not there I have to play tag.

One night, when I was not there the other student was going hard with one of the sissys in class and knocked them out....My instructor broke from his rule of not sparring and kicked the other student's ass.....The other student has not been back, so now I have to play tag instead of getting a good workout. ( I heard my instructor's sparring technique was awesome and he kicked this guys ass in short fashion.) Not that I want to get my ass kicked, but how do you get better unless you have someone better pushing you?

Do any of you guys who teach have a rule of not sparring students? If so why?

11/15/2002 3:16pm,
True. Ive seen my instructor spar against guys with gloves trying to hit him whilst he was unprotected. He wasnt trying to hit them but simply block and evade, just trying to make them more aware of what fighting someone who is clued up is like- that was impressive- they didnt get anywhere near him-

11/15/2002 3:17pm,
Most impressive thing youve seen your teacher do?

11/15/2002 3:18pm,
I should start a new topic with that

11/15/2002 6:13pm,
I feel uneasy when new students ask me to show them stuff (show off). Maybe its arrogance but my feeling on it is I'm not a poodle jumping through hoops for their enjoyment. I've done some small "impressive" things for potential students that are easily impressionable.

I've never heard of your instructor but that doesn't mean much. New students are impressed by the smallest of things. I keep my certificates in a folder in my office if people want to see them. I don't wear my black belt half the time. My students finally convinced me to put my championship belt up on the wall to show that I actually know how to fight, I still don't get that one. I have a picture of all my tropies that I won before I threw them all away too, just in case.

I've had students sign up because I could break a board (yay). One joined because I said I could walk on water and I did. One joined because I could snuff out a candle from 2 feet away. One joined because he wanted to see if I could send him flying with a one inch punch like Bruce Lee did, why nobody understand the physics of this is beyond me. And the list goes on. I've gotten to the point where I say "just take a week of classes". If they don't like what or how I teach I wish them luck and show them the door.

Showing off is very tedious especially when you're asked to do things day in and day out. Your instructor is probably very good. Stick with him unless you don't like what he's teaching you.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/15/2002 9:20pm,
Michael...You sound like a very level headed guy....I agree, a new student really has no place coming in asking an instructor to perform....What I mean by "show me what you got" is that I trained at a school for a short while where the instructor would either try to simply talk you through a technique or would have another student demonstrate the technique. After I finally saw this person demo a few techniques is seemed they had no idea what they were doing.

I like your point of "just take a week of classes" to see if you like it.....During that time I evaluate or form my opinion of the instructor.....Don't just tell me how to do a technique, show me....I think the instructor should lead and inspire by their actions.

11/15/2002 9:24pm,
Remeber. Just because an instructor is good at an art doesnt't mean he's a good teacher.

11/15/2002 9:28pm,
I'm sorry LAWPILOT, I didn't even read your previous post I hope it didn't sound like I was lecturing you.

And don't call me level headed, I'm an A**hole....grrr baby.

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

11/15/2002 9:33pm,
No, I didn't think you were lecturing me....Just clarifying my point...thanks.