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1/07/2011 3:39pm,
Simply put, how far do you drive to train? I'm sure folks in NYC and some of the California cities get away with pretty short trips to their gyms, and I'm fortunate enough to get away with only having a twenty minute drive to my gym.

How far is too far? At what point do you decide its too much and just say **** it?

I ask because I'm looking at starting muay thai in the future, and the only school I even find in my state is North Jersey Muay Thai (http://www.northjerseymuaythai.net/), and it's an hour and a half or so from my home. Would you make the trip?

1/07/2011 3:40pm,
Judo and bjj about 20 miles, TKD I can walk to get there.

1/07/2011 3:46pm,
About 20 minutes.

1/07/2011 3:49pm,
I currently train 2.7 miles away from home, and my daughters judo school is 1.8 miles away from home, but yeah I am in Southern CA. I guess I am lucky to have quality places around me. If I where at the level where it would do me any good I think I would be willing to drive the 26 miles to Saulo Ribeiros place. Of course that being said I wasn't willing to drive 30 miles to keep going to Judo America and I loved that place.

1/07/2011 3:55pm,
15 miles. There's lots of closer places, but I like where I train and who I train with.

1/07/2011 4:04pm,
I wouldn't make an hour and a half trip to train unless it was somewhere spectacular.

Looking at the schedule you'll be driving 3 hrs for a max 2 hr session...

Is there no other school that has striking/sparring near you? Do any of the boxers at your gym cross train? Maybe they could help you find something.

1/07/2011 4:17pm,
I travel from South Berkeley to Golden Gate Park, about 90 minutes all told. (BART, MUNI, then some walking.) I pass an easy dozen taiji schools on the way to get to my teacher as well.

W. Rabbit
1/07/2011 4:18pm,
23 miles.

1/07/2011 4:24pm,
It's about 45 minutes, sometimes an hour, depending on traffic. Totally worth it!

Tranquil Suit
1/07/2011 4:42pm,
I go by bicycle for 8.5km (approx 30 min) to get there. So I spend an hour on travel (an hour extra cardio) for 90 mins training. Sometimes I have to go through rain or snow, but I equate that to my balls getting larger. Also important is that it starts at 7:30 (pm), (I leave at 5 to 7) thus not taking too big of a chunk off my studying hours.

At some point (my last Krav days), I had to take a train for 50 mins + getting to station + getting from station to club. All in all, 90-100 mins to get there. So 3.5-4 hours of travel (not extra cardio) for a training of 90 mins! It wasn't worth it, even if the training would've been good (it was meh). Even worse, the training started at 6:00 (pm), so my studying hours ended at 4:30! (In my defense, I thought I was chasing the ultimate Krav training, pfft.) Such overhead is just too much in any case, it's just not an efficient use of your time.

Oh yeah, ever notice how you spend an extra 30 mins after training on stretching, changing clothes and chit chat. But you never count it in your schedule?

Also, the word 'cardio' is stupid. Is there a better one?

1/07/2011 4:45pm,
bout 30 miles

1/07/2011 4:50pm,
10 Minutes both to Judo and Boxing.

I would definitely not take an 1 1/2 hour trip, but i do not know what you do for a living. I work close about 50 hours/week so its more of an efficiency question.
During my studies i took a longer subway-ride to Ma-classes clinging to the delusion that i could actually read through my courses on the trip.

Tranquil Suit
1/07/2011 4:51pm,
During my studies i took a longer subway-ride to Ma-classes clinging to the delusion that i could actually read through my courses on the trip.
Had that too!! Doesn't really work, eh!

Kung-Fu Joe
1/07/2011 5:13pm,
I live in Medford, NJ, and I train three nights a week at Pellegrino MMA, in Belmar. It's about a 70 minuute trip, though-- to be fair--the gym is only 15 minutes from my place of work.

However, I also practice Judo at Princeton Judo on Saturdays, and that's about an hour away from me, too.

1/07/2011 6:43pm,
45 minutes for Kyokushin.

About 5 minutes of walking for BJJ.

1/07/2011 6:49pm,
Both by bike:
Savate, Shootfighting: 5 minutes
BJJ: 10-15 minutes