View Full Version : Way to detect bullshido in African MA?

Toby Christensen
3/06/2004 10:48pm,
The Francophone Games For The Handicapped (BAFTA, I believe is the French acronym) offers "traditional African Wrestling" as one of their events.

How do I get into contact with these people to see if they'll accept an Australian paralympian as a weightlifter and wrestler? How do I check if their "wrestling" is Bullshido or not? They don't even seem to have an E-Mail address!


Toby Christensen
3/06/2004 10:57pm,
Apparently so. I THINK it may a modified form of Senegalese wrestling, but don't quote me.

Toby Christensen
3/06/2004 11:11pm,
My point is, Osiris, that I need to check that ther African wrestling is a legitimate style. How do I do that?

3/06/2004 11:33pm,
Go to Africa.

3/07/2004 1:19am,
I think all of AMA are bullshido. You can't find out if it's legitimate or not. There's an ancient wrestling form in any culture, but mostly it's some ritualistic game that has either not evolved or disappeared all together.
There's very little historic memory on what went on before colonization in most African countries.
I couldn't swear on Senegal, as I know little about that particular country, but my take is that African Wrestling is bullshido.

Deadpan Scientist
3/07/2004 1:22am,
Why do you care? just go compete with your normal skills and whoop them if it's bullshido

3/07/2004 1:40am,
Originally posted by Osiris
Kiozz, youre ignorance of Africa says nothing of the legitamacy of their martial arts. I wouldnt trust most of them either, but that has more to do with the amount of BS in the martial arts in general and not the location from which the art originated.

You are right. I do know a little about 1 country of Africa being half Ivorian, but this makes me hardly an expert on anything regarding the Ivory Coast, much less the all of Africa. (shaking head at self).

I second your last paragraph.