View Full Version : ear / mic peice for noisy club environment

Big Tony
12/30/2010 9:46am,
Anybody hear work at a noisy night club? What ear/mic pieces do you use so you can hear the rest of the team? I tried a few and once the music starts pumping I can not hear what my other security staff are saying.

12/30/2010 11:38am,
Jam a foam earplug in there as well. And one in your other ear.

Otherwise the clear air tube ones work a bit better.

And throat mikes work a bit better for transmitting.

and then it depends on your brand of radio.

Big Tony
12/30/2010 6:08pm,
I'm using midland radio's but we can buy other ones. My biggest problem now is that I can't effectively communicate with door staff and rovers. The ones we have now are the clear ones and are supposed to be noise canceling but you really can;t make out what the other one is saying. I haven't tried an ear plug in the other ear to see how that works.

I'll look into a throat mic. What about bone mics?

1/01/2011 10:26pm,
Sorry have been a bit of a slack bitch responding. I have had no experience in regards to bone mikes. And you can also get custom motor cycle ear protection mikes.And I have not used them either.

Most clubs radio reception is crap anyway due to the noise. The best way to manage is having systems in place to counter it and promoting good radio procedure.
You need to speak a lot slower and more pronounced than feels normal on a radio.(I sound like captin Kirk a bit. Alot of pauses in between words) Allways call your location twce. And mostly use it just to call a location. Then go over pyisicly and sort out the job. Use all of this in conjunction with hand signs.
for example.
You hear "Blah blah main bar ,main bar" on the radio. look around and somone is also raising their hand. Go over see what the drama is. Solve it from there.

And you should be wearing ear protection anyway. Make your company pay for it being occ health and all.