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12/24/2010 1:53pm,
Can anyone help me figure out if this is a mcdojo. im pretty sure its not but i need someones help who can identify it better here is a link : http://www.wingchun.org/txt/misc/wcso.html

12/24/2010 2:59pm,
Forget wing chun.

12/24/2010 3:08pm,
You might want to check if the school even still exists. That webpage looks circa 1990.

Try a class and see if you like it.

Also, "mcdojo" refers to the business side of martial arts - the website states there aren't any contracts. No belts so no belt tests or fees that are associated with them. Doesn't look like they'd do other shady business stuff like kids parties or sleepovers.

If you are worried about "bullshido", which refers to the actual content they are teaching as well as training methods, you can only determine that with a visit and a trial class, and viewing the senior students to see their level of skill. Unfortunately wing chun is rife with choreographed drills and little pressure testing - this website states you don't spar until you are an "advanced student."

I'd say avoid wing chun alltogether, the actual good schools are a minority, so why bother rolling the dice on something and potentially wasting time and money. Otherwise, go try out a class.

12/24/2010 5:47pm,
Salv, why don't you tell us why you want to do Wing Chun?

12/24/2010 7:04pm,
i dont just want to do wing chun. im willing to try anything that is useful. but all there is is a bunch of fucking ATA schools everywhere and what not and that pisses me off

12/24/2010 7:07pm,
can you guys recommend something. and tell me what it is. i dont know what i want to do. exactly. is wing chun any good?

12/24/2010 7:10pm,
standard Bullshido response
Do judo

if you'd rather learn to hit people do boxing.

12/24/2010 7:11pm,
can you guys recommend something. and tell me what it is. i dont know what i want to do. exactly. is wing chun any good?
The opinion here on the website is that Wing Chun is okay if you have a good instructor, but those are few and far in-between.

First of all, what kind of goals do you want to achieve with martial arts/combat sports? Self-defense? Competition? Etc?

Then, if you let us know your general area (We don't need your address, just maybe your town or state) there should be a member around who knows your neck of the woods.

12/24/2010 7:13pm,
is wing chun useful? and i dont want an answer like "NO WING CHUN SUCKS" i want you to be able to back it k thank

12/24/2010 7:20pm,
In my opinion there really is nothing wrong with doing wing chun, if you can find a teacher that is willing to do more than show you the forms and a little bit of chi sau.

I remember when i useto do it i went to this school and one of the seniors kept bragging about how noone would be able to get his 5 gate drill.

I was new and didn't know the rules so he asked me to uppercut him in the stomach to which he blocked with a jut sao (downward sort of block). He told me that no matter how hard i did my punch that because his wing chun defence was so good i would never hit him. "Hit however you like."

so when he said that i faked. His arm still moved in response and my uppercut went through and hit him in the guts.

After that happened he was more wary and tried his best to hurt me for the remaiining drills.

But that happens in every school, not just in wing chun.

what are you physically capable of? Choose a martial art based on your bodies abilities.

12/24/2010 7:21pm,
the goal here is for self defense

12/24/2010 7:24pm,
well i will take a trial class and see what comes of that. so far it looks promising but i cant be sure til i go

12/24/2010 7:27pm,
ya im doing this for self defense

12/24/2010 7:32pm,
for self defence may we recommend




or as a last resort one of these 2



12/24/2010 7:36pm,
very funny... not

12/24/2010 7:37pm,
Seriously (we're not allowed to make jokes at your expense in this forum) any one of those things has a better chance of success than learning a martial art.