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12/21/2010 10:03am,
Hi all,
Well, I guess it's about time to be polite and introduce myself before doing some posting.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland, and was born in 1979.

I started Judo at age 6, and dropped it before getting ikkyu (around 18y old), and getting back to it a year ago -So still just have a nikyu rank. I am also sparingly doing kendo since 2001.

I have also a few year of experience in Japanese Ju-Jutsu. In Switzerland, you won't find a specific ryu, but basically judo with leg locks and strikes under the Swiss Judo & JuJitsu Association SJV.

I also did renaissance fencing (mainly rapier and dagger, for fun) and also some ia´do and kenjutsu -but not that much, as what appeals me is the physical and tactical dimension.

To make it short, my achievement in MA is to have started at age 6 and managing to still be a total noob 25 years later.