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12/18/2010 9:43pm,
Don;t know what to say, but see for yourselves !


Crazy Carl
12/18/2010 10:05pm,
We did not, and do not now, mix up all the martial arts to make a new style. I personally have never claimed to have made up a new style

So...he's claiming to be the founder of MMA, but basically says in the quotes that he did not mix any arts, nor make a new Martial Art, even though he's claiming to be the founder of MMA. It mentions him training in wrestling and all that in the 40's. How old is he and is he off his rocker?

12/18/2010 10:15pm,
how about not by a long shot even.

Larus marinus
12/18/2010 10:26pm,
This man seems to be younger than the Kumite (est. at the time of Alexander the Great).

So, no.

Edit: 'Shorinji Aikijujitsu'?

Holy Moment
12/19/2010 12:03am,
Did he organize a martial arts competition where fighters from any style could compete on an even plain? If not, then he can't even remotely claim to have invented MMA.

12/19/2010 1:14am,
so he tells us he is the first one to mix the martial arts. Before him, noone that trained karate also trained in grappling ever. But he came over with the idea of crosstraining...wow

12/19/2010 1:16am,
lol he's already aware of us it seems

SCAM WARNING!!! Dear Readers,
It has come to my attention that there is a website out there that is an embarrassment to the martial arts community. This website is written by mostly non-traditional martial artists, who are abusing the right of “free speech” to insult, to abuse, and to spread vicious lies about well-known martial artists. The true purpose of their website is to promote their business and support their greed. It is a business built on disparaging a martial artist’s reputation through insinuations and falsehoods, all for the purpose of directing unsuspecting web users to click on their website, and to collect the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by the Google Adware program, click by click. The supposed “martial artists” who post on this website hide behind anonymous names, and often have several identities who ask and answer slanderous questions, all in the name of creating controversy and generating more “hits” on the site.
NOW EXPOSED!!! Find out who is behind these lies and how they make money causing martial artists to defend themselves and answer the personal assaults. The more anger, the more controversy; the more the owners of the website fill their pockets with dirty money. It makes you want to want to ask, can’t you find an honest income without purposefully lying and degrading others? For additional skullduggery and scam exposure: go to http://articlesnatch.com/Article/.../1200441 (http://articlesnatch.com/Article/.../1200441) and http://bullshido.info (http://bullshido.info/) and http://bullshido.info/forums/farhillsnjmasterchristianwhitney.html (http://bullshido.info/forums/farhillsnjmasterchristianwhitney.html)

well, maybe this was discussed before? you tried searching?

12/19/2010 1:25am,
You know it would be a lot easier to believe that butt hurt retard if his spelling and grammar weren't so atrocious.

12/19/2010 1:30am,
So who is this Vic Nash fellow and why is it he has only written one article and its to make wild accusations at this site?

12/19/2010 1:52am,

Okay, I'm in.

P.S. There are threads regarding "bullshido.info" in the BBC and on the regular forum, as well.

12/19/2010 1:56am,
By the way, one goofball said I didn’t know Grandmaster Don Angier. In 2009 I went to his aikijujitsu seminar.
We've already got some ammo, lads.

Originally from the Shaolin Monastery and called simply Shaolin Boxing. Boxing in the Orient meant to strike with all body limbs. Therefore, punching with the fists, kicking with feet, and striking with open hands or elbows were considered to be boxing. Shaolin Boxing is the oldest form and is our original martial art now called Shorinji Karate (Shaolin Temple Chinese Hand and Foot Boxing). Mr. Skornia trained in Shaolin Boxing in China.

Using real and authentic techniques for the best aerobic and cardio kick-boxing workout. Power Kick-Boxing gleans from our original Chinese boxing (using front and side bo stances) passed down from Thailand (Thai boxing) and then down to the present, adding American boxing to karate kicking. It teaches the best moves for great power blows and is an exciting aerobic workout. In addition, yoga stretching, hand focus mitts plus heavy bagwork (where available) and positive mental attitude to punches, strikes and kicks will give you a great toning workout. Our special high tech aerobic floor protects your knees, ankles, and feet from injury. Lots of fun. Ladies like this one, too. Light contact sparring with safety gear available. (Caution: Doctor warn: Never risk permanent damage by doing kick-boxing on a wood floor or carpet over cement).

So it's a karate guy trying to pawn off Thai boxing. Smooth.

12/19/2010 2:03am,
Sent an e-mail already. The guy we're looking at is Phillip M. Skornia and guess what.


12/19/2010 4:41am,
He doesn't actually claim to have invented MMA though. He says that one of his students 'found the title attributed to him' and then he basically explains that he didn't, without saying it directly albeit.


On one hand

"We did not, and do not now, mix up all the martial arts to make a new style. I personally have never claimed to have made up a new style"

But at the same time:

"I would like to explain my training background in the mixed martial arts and kick-boxing (I learned Muay Thai in Thailand) in more detail, and how we taught all these “mixed” martial arts at our national headquarters school."

Stupid TMAers, 'mixed' does not equal doing more than one style.

12/19/2010 4:56am,
Stupid TMAers, 'mixed' does not equal doing more than one style.


i don't really think mma is a style, really. Isn't it more like a ruleset or something?

12/19/2010 5:03am,
I also love the fact that even his essay attacking bullshido is written like he's trying to sell something.

'Scam warning!!!'


And of course gems like:

"I was born snowbound in a small cabin in the woods of the North."

"Of course, in my decorous life"

And finally:

"Iím sure they have a lot of fun committing internet bullying and cyber terrorism...Itís like these defects want to set a terrorist bomb to get noticed and then hide in their comfortable anonymity."

I love this guy! Not only was he born in a simple log cabin, people who criticise him are terrorists.

12/19/2010 5:10am,

i don't really think mma is a style, really. Isn't it more like a ruleset or something?

Well originally it was basically just a spectacle, but the sport has evolved so much that it can be considered a style now.

What I mean to say is, having a dan grade in more than one style does not make you a mixed martial artist.