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12/17/2010 3:04am,
Hello all,

I've been reading through this site for a few days now and decided it was time to sign up so I could better use the search feature.

A little about me, I am currently a Soldier in the US Army deployed to Afghanistan. I am a driver and gunner (depending on the weather) on a Convoy Team. I am home-based out of Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

I did about 5 months of "MMA" training in San Angelo, TX with Woody Fox at Team Predator/ Woody Fox MMA System. Woody and Brent were good guys and taught me some of the basics of Muay Thai, BJJ, and some beginner's takedowns. I plan on finding a place in Lawton, OK when I re-deploy and want to get to the competition level, regardless of how much training I need to do.

Thanks to all the members for the good info on this site.