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12/15/2010 9:20am,
:icon_scra Why is the vale tudo banned in Spain?

W. Rabbit
12/15/2010 9:35am,
:icon_scra Why is the vale tudo banned in Spain?

I think it's because Brazilians are...like...ex-Spaniards....or something. Or maybe it's because Spain hates Portugal.

12/15/2010 12:07pm,

12/16/2010 4:49am,
:icon_scra Why is the vale tudo banned in Spain?

cuz its "too deadly" maybe :)

12/16/2010 7:13am,
This is why:

YouTube - Rioheroes HIGHLIGHTS, BEST KNOCKOUTS!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7xxzmkiukQ)

12/16/2010 1:19pm,
Cus they'd rather do todo vale

12/17/2010 9:37am,
vale tudo is brutal but it is the art marcial that it is more like street art

W. Rabbit
12/17/2010 12:01pm,
I think this was moved from YMAS to NT, so...welcome to the site.

A realistic answer might be that brutal fighting competitions are illegal in many places, including places in the US and other industrialized nations. I'd even wager that in older nations like Spain this kind of fighting competition occurs frequently but is more underground and probably connected with organized crime and gambling, so it is off the radar of the authorities. But that's just a guess.

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