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12/11/2010 7:30pm,
Was surprised to see that this, nor it's owner have been on bullshido before.

The MARSTA. Yes, it's spelt like that, it comes from here:


But what is it?

It stands for the Martial Arts Research, Study and Training Academy.


So you’ve done the ‘Control and Restraint’ course and so satisfied your boss.

Well done!

But are you happy with what you’ve learnt?

Clearly not! That is why you have come to me.

Having learnt what does not work, now you want to learn what is going to work! What has to work.

A national qualification will not help you when suddenly you are confronted by an unwilling adversary!

Who are these people, anyway?…to give you a national qualification and to tell you that: “It’s alright now, you’ve done the course. You are safe now.”

No you are not!


Be warned this guy likes italics. A lot.

You can also be healed here. By someone who doesn't even have to touch you, and he won't even take a donation or any form of payment in return!

Jim Hallen is a qualified healer with years of experience having treated literally hundreds (actually, thousands) of individuals and from all walks of Life.

A member of the “British Association Of Healing Organizations” Jim is now treating individuals upon a weekly basis at “The MARSTA” in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

At present he is available Tuesday evenings from 630 until 830 where he treats almost everyone there at the Tai Chi/Qigong class run by Lawrence Bridgeland who also receives treatment.

Jim’s treatments are free. His treatment is, essentially, hands-off which means that he does not actually need to physically touch you. He does touch you…just not with his hands but, rather, with his energy and his power. Each treatment lasts approximately fifteen minutes.

For the past several weeks Jim has been healing and fixing peoples’ problems and with incredible effect. So much so that those he has so far seen are are going back to him upon a weekly basis – before and during their Tai Chi/Qigong practice.

How did this healer fellow end up doing this? That's kind of a strange thing to get into?

Some time ago, soon after having retired from his work on the mainland, Jim had “a calling” where his “guide” told him that he should relocate to the Isle Of Wight where he would find a man and place that would help him to help others. That man is Simon Lailey and the place in question is his martial arts academy, THE MARSTA. Simon, himself, has healing powers and so perhaps these two individuals were “meant to join forces” owing to this similar skill/ability. The difference is that Simon has not yet tapped into this but will very soon, himself, be on that road.

Yes, that is right! Healing is his cause, his path, his destiny. He has been told to heal and he has been told to heal at “The MARSTA”. So that is what he is now doing.

Of course, spiritual guide and destiny :smile:

Does anyone on this forum smoke? It's ok it's not bad for you if you drink this SUPER CHINESE TEA. Well, I'm convinced *opens up cigarettes*

During my stay in southern Taiwan my gongfu master would never let me pay for my lessons. He would, however, ask me to bring him cigarettes every time I would go to his home. This, I told him, made me uneasy, for why should I want to help him to his grave? My master simply laughed, informing me that I need not worry, for every day he would drink a very special form of traditional Chinese tea (and thus a very expensive form of Chinese tea) that came from the mountainous interior of this beautiful island (Taiwan – not the Isle of Wight!).

This tea, he informed me, offset the dangers and negativity brought on by smoking.

His martial arts CV is there too if anyone cares

1974 – 1988: Studied Traditional Okinawa Gojuryu Karate-Do (TOGKD) on the Isle Of Wight
1978: Attained 1st Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in TOGKD
1980: Visited Tokyo to further my studies of TOGKD
1981: Attained 2nd Degree Black Belt (Nidan) in TODKD
1987: Attained 3rd Degree Black Belt in TODKD
1988: Studied Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) in Bangkok and Buddhist Theravada meditation in Udon Ratchathani (north-east Thailand) then continued southwards to West Malaysia where I researched Silat Melayu. I then visited Singapore in order to research martial arts.
Invited to China (Fuzhou City) to research Chinese and Okinawan martial arts.
1989: Continued my study of TOGKD in Australia before travelling to the USA where I continued my karate studies.
1990-1993: Worked and studied martial arts in the USA.
Taught Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in St. Louise, USA.
“International Correspondent” and “Technical Editor” for two UK martial arts magazines - ”Combat” and “Traditional Karate”.
1993-1995: Lived in China (Fuzhou) where I furthered my studies of Chinese martial arts
1995: Lived and worked for six months in Taiwan where I furthered my studies of Chinese martial arts.
1995-1998: Lived and worked in Hongkong where I furthered my studies of Chinese martial arts.
1998: Returned to England where I set up my own school of Chinese martial arts.
1999: Launched my own martial arts publication, “Secrets Of The Martial Arts”.
2001: Devised my own “xing” (Chinese kata/form) called “Nanshaolinshibashou – South Shaolin 18 Hands)
2002: Devised my own “Oriental Dance” exercise/routine called “Gongyao”.
2003: Studied Indian Dance
Received from the “China Wushu (Martial Arts) Association” in Beijing the ‘Level 4 Duanwei’ certificate of accomplishment
2004: Expanded my martial arts school, re-launching it as the “Sanshangong Academy”
Began to study the traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dance
2005: Visited Okinawa in order to continue my martial arts research
2006: Visited Philippines and Philadelphia in order to further my martial arts studies
Formed a relationship with the “Isle Of Wight Council” whereby I re-launched my martial arts academy as a part of “The MARSTA” (The Martial Arts Research, Study, And Training Academy). This was my creation where various martial arts programmes are housed under one roof throughout the week
2007: Took a number of my students to the Philippines for some intensive training and research. I also attended the International Southern Shaolin Wuzuquan (Five Ancestor Fist) Meeting in Quanzhou, Fujian (China)
2008: Resigned from my full-time job in order to pursue a full-time position in teaching martial arts
2009: Achieved an internationally-recognized qualification in Swedish Massage
Launched my own Massage Treatment Service (“Kaizen Massage”)
Introduced a sash syllabus to my SSG and Young Dragons programmes
2010: Took five students across to China (Quanzhou and Fuzhou) for two weeks of training and research. There, two of my students were awarded their Black Sash.
Underwent a thirteen-hour Transcendental Meditation course
Devised my own unique programme of Taijiquan called “Applied Taijiquan”
Embarked upon an ongoing spiritual journey with my spiritual guides and protectors
Devised a programme of martial arts training specifically for mums (Dangerous Mothers)

The whole website is an interesting read as it has gone on for a while, what do you guys think of it :new_scatt

Couple of videos too, though not recorded at too high a quality

YouTube - Four Combinations (San Shan Gong) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCcl-qJHMaU)

YouTube - Tiger Form (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTAlVdqt1Hc)

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for your reading pleasure


12/11/2010 8:59pm,
>"Kumite sux, not realistic"
>"You don't wear pads on the streetz"
>"Kihon is better than bunkai and sparring"
>"Uechiryu karate"

Oh... so that's what his deal is. At least the crazy ones in Uechi don't get THAT crazy, but I'm kinda interested in what "South China Way Fujian province wushu" is.

edit: Wait a minute. Then further down on the page he talks about Morio Higaonna telling him to do 3 minutes continuous sparring that allows groundfighting.

That's what fucking jiu kumite is! THAT FUCKER.

12/12/2010 5:30pm,
I sadly lack the tech to make it happen and re-post it, but...

everyone should watch the Tiger Form video with the sound off, and MC Hammer's "Can't touch this" playing instead. It's AWESOME

12/12/2010 7:11pm,
I sadly lack the tech to make it happen and re-post it, but...

everyone should watch the Tiger Form video with the sound off, and MC Hammer's "Can't touch this" playing instead. It's AWESOME

YouTube - can't touch tiger form (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzINlVLGXZM)

12/12/2010 8:29pm,
before reading the post i thought marsta was kinda a martial arts gangsta

12/13/2010 12:29am,
The gradings sound pretty tough:

Gradings can be daunting at the best of times so here are some notes that will, if needs be, reassure you and put your mind at a little more ease…
As I am both your teacher and your assessor then do not worry about making mistakes during your test. I know you and I know your “way” so let me worry about your performance on the day.
Some teachers would let you grade just to get your money and would not actually care if you passed or not…but I am not like that. If your are grading it is because I believe in you and because I believe that you can and will pass. But this does not mean that you are guaranted to pass – this is down and nobody else. Just do the very best you can. Be yourself and do not try to be someone that you are not. This way you will be fine. Just work hard, for this is what “Gongfu” (Kung Fu) means.
In my gradings I am not expecting perfection. Just hard work, maximum effort, comittment, and a very strong spirit (by this I mean a positive attitude, 100% focus, lots of will-power and self-belief). Physical technique is important but spirit is more important. Do what you are asked – nothing more, nothing less.
If you do fail your grading then do not worry. Learn from that and persevere. Press on and move on. Use such failure as a positive tool. Martial Arts training is about destroying one’s ego. If you do fail and get upset you are upset because your ego (your pride) is hurt. Do not let it get in your way. Carry on training and get through it. In this way you will destroy your ego and so your failure will lead to a positive outcome and, at the time of your next grading, to your success!
If I have to I will fail you

Wow there must be a significant amount of people who fail-

but so far I have never had to fail anyone