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3/05/2004 7:23am,
Our Priorities

So, how do most of us prioritize our lives?
Training, family, career, studies, etc.

My first priority is my little girl, then my wife, my family, my training and then my job/career.

The way I look at it, my little girl did Not ask to come into this world, we brought her into it, the very LEAST I can do, is make her my priority.
My wife agrees, we have discussed this and her priorities mirror mine:
Our baby, Her ( just kidding, Me), her family, her career.

Now I consider my friends my family, and by friends I do NOT mean acquaintances, but FRIENDS, guys I have know for almost 20 years.

My training, even though at points in my life it was the most important thing, is only 4th in line because I have found that QUALITY and NOT QUANTITY makes for a better, more rounded Martial artist, also, the Martial Arts will ALWAYS be there for me, in one for or another, my little girl won’t always be little, and my wife, family and friends are NOT immortal like me.

What about you schmucks ?

3/05/2004 7:26am,
....God, Family, Friends....At least for me, when they buried my father, I remember standing at graveside and thinking about this... what really matters... The only thing I think I will leave behind that will matter are my daughter and son....



3/05/2004 7:39am,
The passing of a loved oned is always a defining moment in our lives.

3/05/2004 7:43am,
I'm gonna take some heat for this BUT. . . .

1. My Jobs

2. Finding a Job that I can use my skills

3. My Faith

4. My activism (http://thenextwar.blogspot.com)

5. My training

WingChun Lawyer
3/05/2004 7:57am,
1.My family

2.My career (includes studies)

3.My training

3/05/2004 7:59am,
What about your thong? and Carnival?

WingChun Lawyer
3/05/2004 8:04am,
Originally posted by ronin69
What about your thong? and Carnival?

The girlfriend factor, dude. The girlfriend factor.

I actually only went for "war" (slang for "getting drunk and picking up drunken girls") during Carnival twice. I admit I was incredibly successfull both times, but Carnival doesn´t last all year, and I like having someone to share my life with.

Call me a loser if you want. But I like having a girlfriend.

3/05/2004 8:08am,
Loser :)

WingChun Lawyer
3/05/2004 8:13am,
Originally posted by ronin69
Loser :)


3/05/2004 10:18am,
I think about this question often:







3/05/2004 10:23am,
LOL @ Bullshido !!

3/05/2004 10:29am,
its a bad jones, homie, bad...

3/05/2004 10:30am,
Family / God (I put these together because in many ways they can't be separated)

Art (I am a painter)

Job (I don't like it but it pays the rent).

Training (keeps me sane).

3/05/2004 10:31am,
let us see some of your work, garb.

3/05/2004 10:34am,
Getting reproductions is on my to do list.

Warning: it's abstract.

3/05/2004 10:47am,
Originally posted by garbanzo
Getting reproductions is on my to do list.

Warning: it's abstract.

Oh, you mean it sucks. No matter, we still want to see it!!