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3/05/2004 7:19am,
one of the guys in my WT class used to do thai boxing.I got him to show some of his thai boxing.He stands in a stance without the leg forward( looks similar to wing chun (IRAS/neutral)stance but without the knees pointing inwards).
I always thought thai boxers stance is with the leg forward so is this stance normal in thai boxing?

3/05/2004 7:51am,
If you see some pictures of old BKB, you'll see a very striking resemblence to the WC/T stance. FWIW

3/07/2004 2:34am,
not that i know of.

3/08/2004 10:31am,
Muay Thai stance is more of a strright forward stance. No leg extension. Shoulders square and body facing straight towards opponent. Lead leg out just a little but not much. Lead leg way out like western boxing or TKD is open for rounhouse kicks.

similar to pic below. arm position is a little exaggerated. i normally hold them in a more westrn boxing position when fighting.