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12/08/2010 2:30pm,
Greetings to the group. I am yeticrane. Have trained in Tibetan martial arts 39 years in January 2011. 19 years Lio He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies, Eight Methods). 39 years Yang Tai Chi Chuan. Truly just beginning. Had my own school for 12 years. No students right now. Just did a Chi Gung workshop for friends. Acupuncture and bonesetting. In practice for 20 years. Retired now and loving it. :thumbsup:

12/08/2010 2:33pm,
Welcome to the forum. Question: the Tibetan arts I've seen look like hung gar or choy li fut (Southern kung fu). Is this the case?

12/08/2010 2:33pm,
Welcome to bullshido...That's a heck of a lot of training! Good stuff.

12/08/2010 2:39pm,
39 years? Damn. O_o

Welcome, ancient one :)

12/08/2010 2:43pm,
Thanks guys. Yeah it's been a great life in the arts. Would not trade it for anything. Hung Gar borrowed heavily from Tibetan MA arts and Tibetan MA borrowed the Hung Gar village forms as part of their training when Ng Siu Jung created the Tibetan White Crane system. Choy Li Fut has the same hands, in general because the 'Fut' part of the system was Buddhist Palm. Choy Li Fut contains three of the five fingers of the Fist of Shaolin, hence still a Shaolin art. The fists are similar due to the 'Fut' connection. What is different is that Tibetan is a true non-chambered strike in all of it's striking techniques. The other major thing is that Tibetan MA have a footwork system. Great to be here guys. Thanks.

12/08/2010 4:41pm,
Welcome to No BS MMA. 39 years of experience seems pretty damn impressive.

12/10/2010 4:31pm,
Are there any vids of Tibetan Martial Arts you think demonstrate the system best? Can you link them or post them here?

I don't know much about Tibetan Martial Arts, so I'm pretty curious. Thanks!