View Full Version : Hey, PeeDee. My grandma just called, AGAIN!, and demands that I take her to the ER.

3/04/2004 7:40pm,
Last time this happened turns out she was having a heart attack. Long story short......I had to spend like 45 minutes in the waiting room bored outta my mind.

I don't really feel up to that crap again. I mean, "Friends" is on at 8:00PM tonight and it's one of the last ones!

Come on man, help me out here man. What should I do?

3/04/2004 7:51pm,
Take your grandma man. Its the right thing to do. If it really bothers you about her faking a heart attack and all you could consider offing her.

3/04/2004 8:34pm,
Thanks PeeDee! The first one was da shizzle. This one is probably just from me running the microwave while she was napping. She got a pace-maker after the first heart trouble and all but I have insisted on her having all the modern luxuries that I never had growing up. I mean after I found out that she had a weak heart AND a pace maker, I bought her everything I could to make her life easy.

I bought her a pace maker and got a 20 million dollar life insurance policy on her. Sure it's expensive but she's worth it.