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7/16/2002 8:29pm,
Alter7nate is undoubtly the all time greatest Troll of the ADCC forum........

He is undefeated, recently ADCC's most powerful Modern troll Ruk took a challenge from Alter7nate and was quickly defeated...(like everyone else)

I want to know if anyone is interested in reading the FIRST EVER post by Alter7nate at the ADCC forum? I have a copy of it...
Dated Sept. 3, 2001

7/17/2002 10:50pm,
greeting alter7nate, it is a plesure meeting u, where the **** have u been!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember u on jiu-jitsu.net u took time off now u r back!!!!!!!1hahahahaaahahahahaha, can u post that **** with shannon logan again, that **** cracked me up. ohh yeah send me all ur favorite post. god dammit u have been missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u still go on mixedmartialarts.com????

7/18/2002 10:59am,
I believe I didn't record all my posts....but the first one I still got.

The reason I'm back at Jiu-jitsu.net was because my little sister just signed up with AOL so we have Interneet connection again.

I didn't post at Jiu-jits.net for 5 weeks.......during that five weeks, there was a beautiful young Art Teacher....the Legendary Andrea Place........I guess my attention was somewhere so I didn't go online alot, and I'm not staying here for very long....I have to get a life man

That Shannon pics is at: http://www.geocities.com/alter7nate/Gracie.html Can Ruk make something this funny?

No I don't go to MMA.com no more