View Full Version : I am new here and don't read the forum stickies, but a moderator was kind to me.

12/05/2010 9:06am,
hi guys

12/05/2010 9:23am,
hi guys

wrong forum, buddy. try newbietown if you are looking to introduce yourself to others :laughing5

still, welcome to bullshido!:thumbsup:

Rock Ape
12/05/2010 10:09am,
To the OP please stick to this forum until you've taken the time to make yourself aware of what's expected of you in the various parts of this fora.

Do not post within the Martial Arts Bullshit (MABS) forum (like you did previously) unless you have content which is applicable to the subject being discussed.

Welcome to Bullshido and fcuk Christmas!

It is Fake
12/05/2010 10:11am,
Waits patiently to add more posts and move to trollshido.

Rock Ape
12/05/2010 10:23am,
Yeah, I had actually intended to move it there (hence the title) but for some reason I must have chosen here as it's destination. Go figure lol

It is Fake
12/05/2010 10:29am,
No this is what I do as well. The account is looking at another MABS thread so, that normally leads to drive by posting.

Rock Ape
12/05/2010 11:22am,
Ah yeah I understand you know mate.