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12/03/2010 6:29pm,
Can anyone recommend some good fundamental instructional DVDs on bjj (or judo, sambo etc)? Iím sick of wading through the **** on you tube trying to find something that isnít some weird variation or has shitty lighting/audio or just plain sucks. Iím looking for fundamental takedowns, passes, submissions etc and their defenses/counters (as opposed to say . . . flying armbars or the latest and greatest techniques used to win the most recent ADCC/mundials).

This website:


seems to have some good choices (I want to say Iíve read good things about ceasar gracies on bullshido?). Iím also considering the gracie barra and the gracie combatatives dvd sets. It would be nice to have something comprehensive that I can go straight home after class and immediately review the technique/counter Iím looking for without having to waste time on the internetz. Menu organization that makes it easy to find the technique Iím looking for would be a bonus.

Any recommendations? Is there a set that stands out among the others as a Ďmust haveí? Thanks in advance and I apologize if I missed a thread(s) that covered this already.

12/03/2010 7:05pm,
Never mind

I should have read before posting

12/03/2010 7:08pm,
Pedro Sauers path to black belt series is super solid for basic techniques. Try Path to Blue belt and Path to purple belt, should be a torrent flying around.

12/03/2010 7:40pm,
Fighting films produce the best Judo instructional videos and highest quality content.



Ming Loyalist
12/03/2010 8:18pm,
i found the mike swain complete judo series to be fantastic.

for submission grappling i love barret yoshida's videos.

12/03/2010 9:12pm,
Why don't you take notes on the techniques you were taught in class and review those afterwards? I know I've gotten a lot more mileage out of doing that than books and dvd's.

Vince Tortelli
12/03/2010 11:02pm,
Gracie Combatives is pretty good for basic BJJ.

12/03/2010 11:18pm,
Gracie Combatives is great for people with no BJJ experience looking for strong fundamental instruction, you only get the moves, not the counters.

The GJJ philosphy until blue belt is JJ you use against people who do no JJ. The GC series has by far the best techincal instruction in beginning JJ I've ever seen, but it doesn't cover any counters. In GJJ you don't get into counters until you start training for purple. Right now that information is only available on line and not on DVD.

12/03/2010 11:33pm,
G'dday,while not strictly on topic, if you're looking for what seem to be reasonable YouTube instructionals then give Stephan Kestings channel (stephankesting) a look. I believe he also has a dvd series but am unable to comment on it,however the Youtube vids should give you a reasonably good idea what to expect.

12/04/2010 9:16am,
I would also like to add the Gracie Barra videos to the list of recommendations, as well as Roy Dean's videos. Keith Owen also has his out, but I have only the free samples to base an opinion on them(they seem to be good). Along with those already mentioned: Pedro Sauer's, Gracie Combatives, Mike Swain......

12/04/2010 9:42am,
Also check out Ryan Hall's instructional videos on the triangle choke (some of them are available on youtube). great stuff.