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12/02/2010 4:53pm,
Hey all, just thought id introduce myself, been lurking for a while. Im 33 years old and from Essex in the UK.

Ive been into martial arts for the last 19 years, dabbled with loads of stuff but mainly kickboxing and karate, i've also studied RBSD with the SDF in uk.

Just started Judo (only had one lesson so far)

Ive experienced a fair share of Bullshido and love the site, I wished I had found you guys before I got involved with a certain krav organisation (not mentioning any names)

Anyway, thanks.


twisted mind
12/02/2010 9:52pm,
Welcome to Bullshido Tom.

12/03/2010 9:53am,
Welcome, looking forward to more posts.

12/03/2010 9:56am,
Welcome, im also in the UK in Bedfordshire.