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MA Historian
11/22/2010 2:35am,
Seriously, your paying for being associated with Ernie Reyes.
Which one? Jr is the famous one and the majority of accomplishments they build the franchise on are his and he doesn't even teach there. In fact. Ernie Reyes Jr has his own martial company called Smasher which is separate from Ernie Reyes West Coast Martial Arts and what they teach is totally different. That's IS the Bullshido! They make you think that Ernie Reyes Jr the movie star/karate champ/ muay thai fighter is going to show up (or is associated with it) and you just get some guy who got suckered like you only he's 5 years deep. Talked to a couple people who went there and expected to learn the moves they had seen in the movies with Ernie Jr and they got TKD with side of BJJ - hold the honesty.

Good Luck

It is Fake
11/22/2010 3:01am,
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2007 thread? Welcome to Bullshido. Introduce yourself and pay attention to the dates.

Nope, that is what he titled the post which, when moved, became the title of the thread.