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Omega Supreme
11/20/2010 9:22pm,
I told my kid students that if they 5 of them compete in this tournament this weekend I'd compete. So last night the 5th signed up and I competed today in my first sport tournament in over a decade. My last competition was supposed to be old school jiu jitsu but there was nobody in my category. Ah well.

Uncle Skippy
11/20/2010 9:25pm,
Video or it didn't happen.


(Congrats to your students for competing!)

(I like parentheses)

Omega Supreme
11/20/2010 9:27pm,
I think my students took home an assortment of gold, silver and bronze but everybody won something.

11/20/2010 9:50pm,
So the question now is has the competition bug sunk its teeth into you again?

Omega Supreme
11/21/2010 12:39am,
Nah, even though I won I was really just in there having fun. I was just trying to show my young students how to properly do the things I've shown them in class.

11/21/2010 1:09am,
that's damn awesome Omega...

11/21/2010 2:52am,
VIDEO!!!!!! Please.

11/21/2010 3:04am,
Congrats to Omega and his students.

Maybe I misread or missed the type of comp. Was is it straight grappling? Did you run into any totally awesome bluebelts who needed to correct your submissions ?

11/21/2010 4:17am,
Congratulations Omega. What is "old school jiu jitsu" (vs. the other styles that you competed in)?

11/21/2010 10:07am,
Lol nice,

more info would be nice though


Snake Plissken
11/21/2010 10:36am,
Did any blue belts give you on-mat instructions?

Omega Supreme
11/21/2010 10:54am,
You guys don't know what a sport tournament is?

Omega Supreme
11/21/2010 10:57am,
BTW Old school Jiu Jitsu>Punch, kick, throw, grapple, no strikes to head. At least that's what I was told. I could care less; it's fun.

11/21/2010 3:12pm,
Do they make age divisions that high in these tournaments?

/gives Omega a prod with his elbow


11/21/2010 3:37pm,
I need to find an tournament of the over 40 age group with only 2 people in it so I can get at least a silver medal.


11/21/2010 3:40pm,
You guys don't know what a sport tournament is?
Is that another way of saying point fighting?