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3/03/2004 10:09pm,
Pat was a friend of mine that just died today due to a brain tumor. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 10 years ago after a motorcyle wreck. He banged his head pretty hard and after a trip to the local ER, they discovered a tumor. This gave him an opportunity to seek cancer treatment and probably added many years to his life. He was married to a beautiful woman and had two young daughters.
We served together as elders in our church on the same commitee.

My fondest memories of him were of him helping in the local soup kitchen.

He is a good man and will be missed by all that knew him.

God bless you, Pat.

My wife just came into my office a few hours ago and told me this news. She is our church organist and will perform at his service.

3/03/2004 10:11pm,
Sorry man.

3/03/2004 10:31pm,

3/03/2004 10:34pm,
At least he found out early so he could make the most out of his time.

3/03/2004 11:35pm,
Thanks, fella's. Honestly. Thank you.

Pat was a good ole Presbyterian. He cussed a lot, drank a lot, and was a sarcastic bastard. I'll miss him for now and I bet he's got St. Peter laughing like a mutha right now.

3/03/2004 11:53pm,
Sorry to hear about your friend.

3/04/2004 1:27am,
Condolences. Will pray for his family.

3/04/2004 11:33am,
Condolences on the loss of your friend.

3/04/2004 11:37am,
My condolences grego, I am sorry for the loss.

WingChun Lawyer
3/04/2004 11:37am,
My condolences. May he rest in peace.

3/04/2004 11:41am,
rip pat

3/04/2004 11:48am,
My condolences