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11/04/2010 9:33pm,
Hi all,

This is my first post. I've read through some threads (and the beginners intro) and thought I'd ask for some specific advice. I'm looking for a no BS Martial Arts club for one reason: To learn how to fight (self defense). I'm not too particular about style, as long as the training is practical- preferably a combination of striking and grappling. I have some Bullshido TKD training (I've read enough to know how everyone feels about that).
I checked out two schools around me

www.highparkmartialarts.ca (http://www.highparkmartialarts.ca)
www.torontoaikikai.com (http://www.torontoaikikai.com)

Neither is what I'm after. Don't want to badmouth them but just not my style. example: classes with kids and adults mixed, students going through forms but not really pushing themselves, no contact, belts, uniforms....
I'm really looking for something in this area that's no frills and straight up fighting skills.
I read a thread about this place:
Sounds cool, but it's in Mississauga.
I'd appreciate any advice or heads up. I would even consider private/informal training from the right person. Thanks in advance.
Glad to be part of this.

11/04/2010 10:33pm,
Ew, Torontonian! That's like, 50+ of us now.

Note that self-defense and being able to fight are vastly different subject areas. I encourage you to read more of the posts here and use the Search function to look into those discussions.

Yonge and Bloor.

I haven't been there since I work east and live up town but I know some nice people there.

11/05/2010 3:51am,

I've been to Toronto Airport..... twice can I join your club

11/05/2010 7:57am,
If you want to check out a good club on the west-end you can try:

http://etobicokedojo.com/ close to Islington and Bloor

They are affiliated with Professor Shah Franco (Master Sylvio Behring)

Paul teaches (BJJ Brown Belt) the class and we do see a lot of Self-defense technique and at least a 30 to 45 minutes of rolling at the end of the class. There is also a No-Gi BJJ once a week.

Paul is a great teacher and the students are very helpful specially the higher belts always whiling to help when you do something wrong.

Openmat and MeccaBJJ are also very good clubs but they are located in Downtown.

Chili Pepper
11/05/2010 8:01am,
I'd also chime in with Trinity Jun Fan (http://www.trinityjunfan.com/) - on Dundas West.

11/05/2010 3:44pm,

Thanks to everyone that replied. Especially chilli Pepper...that's exactly what I'd like to check out. Not so close to my place, but at least it's near the subway line. I'll check out some of those threads pizDoff, thanks....

11/05/2010 5:39pm,
There's a good recreational judo club near Dupont, west of Dufferin. I wrote a review at http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=92681. There is no striking, but it is so inexpensive that you might be able to find a separate club for that.

While you are looking at the club review part of the forum, do a search on "toronto" and see what else you find

11/06/2010 10:05pm,
Greetings from Parkdale.
http://torontobjj.com (http://torontobjj.com/) Looks like it has a bit more striking instruction than OpenMat, based on what a few friends who've been there have said. Open Mat's a good one too. Check both out, they both have extensive trials.

11/07/2010 8:41pm,
This place is right around the corner from you, if you're into convenience. They offer kickboxing as well as boxing.


11/07/2010 11:30pm,
Wow it's McChaos, how are you man?

11/08/2010 4:05pm,
Wow it's McChaos, how are you man?

Very busy, hence my absence from the TD's over the last few years. I jumped over to MMA for a while and then (for convenience sake) back to boxing/kickboxing.

You been around much?