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10/05/2010 9:19am,
Hello everyone,

I'm Brian from Michigan, I'll be around...

Rock Ape
10/05/2010 10:10am,
What do you study ?

10/05/2010 11:35am,
Sorry, I meant to put more in the message, but I'm typing from work and had to run.

About 18 years ago I studied TKD for about 2 years, did nothing for about 5 years, studied Aikido and Toyama Ryu Iaido for about 2 years and fell off track again for about the last 10 years.

I still worked with the sword at home, but I'm just finally getting ready to go back to training in a few weeks.

I got my stepson signed up this past weekend, and I'm planning on going to, All Star Karate in Michigan. http://allstarkaratemi.com/

I came across this site while looking for information and reviews on All Star. I'm happy to not see anything on here about them.

They're the first place I've found in my area with Kenjutsu, and while it's the instructor's style I'm famirliar with some of the people he studied under. I've met with a few Sensei there and saw one of the kid's classes, but I don't have enough information to speak one way or the other. It doesn't have the mcdojo feel and it seems like a good place with a good variety of experience, so I'm hoping to have found a new home.