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10/04/2010 10:22pm,
Gidday new here too Im 22 years old, in the last 3 years I have done Okinawan Karate I quit after the first lesson as the "Instructors" were more bullies than "Instructors" I have done Muay Thai but didnt think it would save me in a self defense situation. I tried BJJ but didnt like the focus on the ground Im convinced someone would boot me in the head. I did Ninjutsu for a bit that was good but then I moved house so was to far away to do it. Now I do Aikijujutsu and I love it! and thats me

10/04/2010 10:41pm,
What kind of behaviors were your karate instructors doing to have them labeled as "bullies"?

10/04/2010 11:24pm,
Must. Not. Troll... Although I would like to say I think this is possibly a Trolljob.

How old are you, dude?

Welcome to the site and I hope you find it helpful.

Where and how long did you do Muay Thai? Because I did Muay Thai for a couple of months when I was younger and it gave me stupid levels of self defense confidence, I'm surprised it didn't do the same for you.

What is it about Aiki that you like?