View Full Version : Article on Former Fooball Player and CTE (Chronic Encephalopathy Trauma)

10/02/2010 2:15pm,
Chris Brymer was a lineman for USC. After playing for both USC and in the UFL, Brymer went on to found a successful business. However, his behavior became increasingly erratic, his life deteriorated, and he ended up on the streets.

Now he is facing trial for an alleged hate crime. His defense attorneys are arguing that he is suffering from chronic encephalopathy trauma (CTE) as a result of his football career. However, this condition cannot be reliably diagnosed until after death.

My question is whether or not anyone has heard of anything like this in relation to martial arts. Since it cannot be diagnosed until after death, it seems like a lot of cases might go undetected.

At any rate, here is the link: