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10/02/2010 12:58pm,
Just wondering if anyone has ever been to Mexico and trained Boxing? Is it safe for females to train there? and can anyone recommend a gym to me please, preferably where I can email or phone them beforehand? also I don't speak Spanish :/ lol

Holy Moment
10/02/2010 4:04pm,
They did the Fight Quest episode about boxing in Mexico. According to the show, gyms are pretty easy to find there.

10/02/2010 5:23pm,
Not that I know anything about boxing in Mexico what I do know is Mexico is a rather big place.
Where in Mexico are you going to be? It wouldn't do you much good to get a recommendation to a place in Tijuana if your going to be in Mexico City.
I would imagine yes all the gyms most likely have phones. A Webpage on the other hand will be hit or miss.

10/02/2010 9:02pm,
Mexico has a strong boxing culture, so I'll bet that finding a good boxing gym shouldn't be too hard. Mexican culture tends to have a different view of women though, and some American women see it as sexist. Here's an example: there's these phrases called "piropos", that are like compliments that men give to women, but the closest equivalent in the USA is the kind of things you'd hear when a pretty woman walks by a group of rude construction workers, but generally they are more well received and are often more clever. For example, "What curves, and I have no brakes!" or "If beauty were a sin, you'd never be forgiven!" or "I must be asleep to dream of such beauty", and in Spanish they often rhyme or have a certain rhythm. Anyway that's just an example of how women are treated a little differently in some places. If my watching of Mexican TV is any indication, the culture seems more inclined to think of women as "the fairer sex" and that might have some implication for a woman in a boxing gym. I'm really not sure though and I wouldn't want to dissuade you from trying. Either way you'll learn something.

Somewhat related anecdote: About a year ago when I stopped teaching kung fu, I was looking for a new place to train, and it turns out a guy my dad works with is a luchador in Tijuana who goes by the name Veneno Negro (Black Venom), and he trained at a gym run by Rey Mysterio Senior. I was considering training there, but the guy had a horse riding accident and broke his back.

10/13/2010 5:36am,
So I would be going to Mexico purely for Boxing so I don't have anywhere particular in mind, I am willing to travel anywhere, but I will be travelling from Florida,(I am British but I will be in Florida beforehand), so I would want to go somewhere that is safe to travel to from Florida.
I don't mind about the sexism, as I have previously trained and fought in Thailand and I am used to those sort of attitudes in the gym and some of the stuff I will have to put up with won't be anything new. I only want to make sure I am going somewhere safe where I will be looked after and not taken advantage of because I am female and a foreigner.
A friend of mine said that Mexico is really dangerous with kids on the street taking drugs and that...but a lot of what he says is BS so I don't know what to think about it all. I would really like to go :/
Codos DePiedra do you know anything about the gym that you were thinking of going to? Is it still running even though the guy had an accident?
Basically I am going to Florida for three months but I am thinking about extending my ticket for another couple of months maybe longer so I can go down to Mexico and train, however this is going to cost me about 90 pounds to change the date maybe a bit more and so I don't want to do it unless I have some sort of plan with a decent gym in mind...I don't want to get there and then I am bumming around spending loads of money trying to find a gym and then I can't find one or something and have to wait months for my flight home eeek dilemma lol.....
I also thought about Cuba too but the accomodation is pretty expensive when you are planning on staying long term,(as compared with places like Thailand...which I also plan to get back to after all of this lol).

10/13/2010 11:12am,
Codos DePiedra do you know anything about the gym that you were thinking of going to? Is it still running even though the guy had an accident?
I'm not really sure. Once my work schedule changed I kinda forgot about the whole thing. It was a lucha libre place though, not a boxing gym.

8/02/2011 5:23pm,
Hi there
I'm going to playa del carmen in mexico shortly. does anyone know of any gyms that women can use, either for boxing or kickboxing?


8/02/2011 6:23pm,
well im originally fom Tijuana before i moved to Finland and trained boxing there. i think i know the place Permalost is refering to, although i dont think it was runed by Rey mysterio sr. he did show up there often though but so did most of T.J. luchadors, if its the place im thinking of then they do train boxing and lucha libre for about 150 pesos a month thats about 12 bucks. the training place is under the tijuana auditorium where most of the lucha libre and boxing matches happen.
As for being female i dont think it would matter much there where a lot of female boxers and luchadors training there (well not a lot but more than 3 fo each sport).

My only complaint about the place is that it was very crowded specially for the boxing since we had to take tuns on the bags and all that. i switched clubs after a few months to a more out of sight gym great place for boxing and kick boxing .

you will be hard pressed to find a boxing gym with their own website most of the time you just show up, pay, tain.
so your best bet is to move somewhere you feel comfortable be it T.J. or Mexico city or a nother city then start looking for a gym wont take more than a day to find one, there are lots of them.