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9/25/2010 1:21pm,

I'm happy to join this forum.
I've been in martial arts for the most part of my life, althought not always in a formal traditional school (some military, security and law enforcement courses).
Now I walk this path no more, and I practice martial arts only because I love it.

My formal training includes mid-ranking belts in kempo karate and Jukushin ryu jujutsu. Job-related training includes Krav maga, Aikijutsu, and some whateverjutsu they teach at the government only naming it self-defense.

I'm now newly registered at my local Bujinkan dojo, but having read some threads on this forum, I think I have second thoughts...

Well, hope to talk to you soon


9/25/2010 3:58pm,
Oh man.

I'm only writing this because Doctor Snake is a badass name.

And dudes with badass names should be badasses. Which means you oughta get out of that Booj nonsense ASAP, my man.

Bare graves
9/26/2010 1:01pm,
get out before while you still can!

9/29/2010 12:49pm,
Thanks guys. Will go back to jujutsu....