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  1. Massacre at a Brazilian school leaves at least 8 dead
  2. 737 MAX discussion and aftermath
  3. [nsfw] madman guns down mosque full of people in Christ Church, NZ
  4. Mass shooter on the loose in Utrecht, Netherlands
  5. What, Me Discriminate ? Mississippi Prosecutor Tries Black Man for Murder 6 Times
  6. Anti-Vaxxers aren't just fucking nuts, they're organized & doing it for profit
  7. Driver sets bus full of kids alight - Italy
  8. Five weird things that you may not know about cannabis.
  9. Bad4ss of the ******** Nominee
  10. MCU *hitpost thread
  11. Jordan Peele Hates White Men
  12. Universities and academic research fraud
  13. In all seriousness, anybody else think Joe Biden's handsiness with kids is creepy?
  14. Did Cardi B admit to using daterape drugs on people?
  15. Browning produces videos on mysterious deaths, trolls for comments.
  16. "Balance is my thing..."
  17. Why has Donald Trump's popularity ratings been more or less stable this whole time?
  18. Serial Killers for $500, Alex.
  19. Julian Assange arrested in London
  20. Kratom. KRATOM! DANGER LEVEL 5000!
  21. Notre Dame fire
  22. Republican Gov. Bill Weld announces he is running for President
  23. If you could make $1.5 to $3k in 12 hours would you take the weekends off?
  24. 160 Christians were massacred for being Christians earlier today.
  25. Happy Easter! "Pope Francis admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery"
  26. Why is illegal immigration a hot button issue in US politics?
  27. Candidate Sanders Shitpost Thread
  28. Things you didn't know: swimming pools edition
  29. Canada dumps and runs
  30. Endgame Spoiler talks
  31. Escort websites/ Prostitution
  32. Anti-semitism in American politics
  33. Facebook Bans - What's Next?
  34. This is why I hate Hamas
  35. Super cool Doc. About my Homies.
  36. Columbine II, or is it IV?
  37. NYT exposes a decade of massive losses in Trump's tax returns
  38. In a Galaxy Far, Far Away....
  39. Germans go medieval when shooting
  40. So why don't DC Republicans stand up to Donald Trump?