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  2. How to lose friends and offend people... At least Japanese ones.
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  5. Compulsory Monogamy and the Problem of Excess Males
  6. Resistance exercise decreases heroin self-administration (in mice)
  7. Meeting and sparring other Bullies
  8. New conspiracy hotness: US Gov't planning for WWIII with underground tunnels
  9. Feminist Goes Rogue - Says Rape Is Not That Bad!
  10. The Miss America pageant is set to become the Miss SJW pageant
  11. High Court backs UK National Health Service decision to stop funding homeopathy.
  12. SOLO Movie Review - Spoilers (It Sucks)
  13. Another Gender Based Rant By Battlefields - This Time He Attacks CARTOONS!!!!
  14. 22 people injured in N.J. art festival shooting
  15. US Space Force - this is happening
  16. Porcine deaths fall to new low in Scotland
  17. Politicians give terrible graduation speeches, but blame the students
  18. Australian Bullies: Is This True ?
  19. Oh Canada... You Human Rights Abuser You
  20. Apparently the Japanese navy band does anime theme covers
  21. Taser not working? That's a knee cappin'
  22. Sleeping with a student
  23. Mass Shooting at Madden Video Game Tournament
  24. SC, NC, VA Bullies Take Care
  25. Hunter S. Thompson Fear & Loathing in America
  26. Thanks in work!
  27. Observatory shutdown?
  28. BREAKING: Harford County, MD - mass shooting
  29. Another Shooting-Wisconsin
  30. U.S. regulators sue Musk for fraud, seek to remove him from Tesla
  31. Hi there
  32. "He didn't even respect the flag" - what does this mean?
  33. States losing track of Sex Offenders
  34. List of Congress members facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations
  35. Uni Bans Clapping - Yep.
  36. Why Are We Not Discussing This Here? Academic Hoax/ Exposure Of Grievance Studie
  37. Help me to understand/break down the angst behind the SC appointment
  38. US November elections - what are you planning to do, and why? Also help me figure out
  39. What's for dinner tonight?
  40. Migrant Caravan October 2018