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  1. It's the end times!!!!
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  10. Charles Manson dead
  11. California Flat Earther to launch his own rocket
  12. Net Neutrality under attack again, FCC is trying to sneak its revocation.
  13. Merry Thanksgiving!
  14. Kuwaiti Writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq: Israel Is a Legitimate State, Not an Occupier
  15. Linda Sarsour says 'fascist' White House poses biggest threat to Jews
  16. DNA analysis identifies the Yeti...
  17. Illegal alien detained by ICE after speaking with news reporters
  18. Russia kicked out of 2018 Winter Olympics
  19. #MeToo too
  20. What is wrong with Youtube?
  21. USS Ward, ship that fired first American shots of World War II, found in Philippines
  22. Have you taken "The Red Pill"? Share your Social Justice Injustice stories
  23. High Tax States Subsidize Low Tax States.
  24. Times Square Pipe Bomb 12/11/2017
  25. Nazi Legos invading Xmas
  26. Amtrak derail outside Seattle
  27. Electronics searches at US border
  28. Potential shooter arrested in Houston
  29. Gunman ambushed deputies in deadly Douglas County shooting; 1 deputy dead, 6 wounded
  30. The Cryptocurrency Thread: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin too
  31. Alt right clothing line or blatant act of ignorance??
  32. Newsweek HQ invaded by NYPD
  33. Texas judge interrupts jury, says God told him defendant is not guilty
  34. Help me understand why immigration is such a contentious political issue in the US
  35. Help me think through the politics of taxes and welfare in the US
  36. The Judicial Emotion and Activism Thread
  37. Teen posts "I made you a sandwich" to trolls after skiing to South Pole
  38. I get to break the rules because I'm a girl and small.
  39. This Man is Brilliant-The Jordan Peterson Jock Riding Thread
  40. Do we need a Gloria Allred thread?