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  1. "Couple Healed from HIV" claims "man of God; prophet Shepherd Bushiri"
  2. Don't just look at the eclipse during the eclipse....
  3. USS Indianapolis, sunk during WWII, is found afer 72 years
  4. The Eclipse Today
  5. Ohio State researchers develop regenerative medicine breakthrough
  6. Some U.S. diplomats in Cuba diagnosed with serious health conditions
  8. Don't negotiate with......
  9. LOL, Tim Larkin did a podcast on "When Violence Is The Answer"
  10. The great electoral collage debate
  11. Voter ID - must have valid PosterID to post here
  12. It's not the time to discuss climate change
  13. The mysterious Voynich manuscript has finally been decoded!
  14. Ryanair passenger chokes out disruptive flyer, whole plane cheers
  15. The Cat-alone-ia thread
  16. Parsons Green: Underground blast a terror incident, say police
  17. The First Amendment and Boobs
  18. Republicans and the "free" market
  19. The NFL has a tradition of taking a knee
  20. RIP, Hef!
  21. Boy dies in gym
  22. Las Vegas shooting 10/1/17 - Stephen Craig Paddock
  23. Tom Petty found in full cardiac arrest, no brain function life support pulled
  24. The 3D-printed gun thread
  25. U.S. Air Force contradicts report of involvement with package that fell from plane
  26. Bowe Bergdahl expected to plead guilty to deserting his post: AP
  27. Speaking of Jersey (Black Bears)...
  28. The mass media s#!tpost thread fnord
  29. We lost one of our own
  30. Nine years later.
  31. White Supremacist leader comes out as gay Jew
  32. Maths derail from Mental Fitness
  33. JFK: Declassified
  34. Bigotry to the Left of Me, Bigotry to the Right: Stuck in the Middle with You
  35. Israeli wins judo gold in UAE, which refuses to play anthem, raise flag
  36. Koch study says lefties, minorities think differently than everyone else
  37. Florida: Serial Killers, Black Bears, and Invasive Species, and Global Sea Level Rise
  38. Road rage turns terrorism incident?
  39. Word of the day: Famadihana
  40. Pluto's replacement