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  1. Funker Tactical continues it's quest to get people killed
  2. Florida Man.....Neo-nazi converts to Islam and kills neo-nazi roommates
  3. Manchester Explosion
  4. It Doesn't Look Like the New Star Wars Movie is Going to Be Very Good
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  6. Gender Is The New Battlefront - Choose Which Side(s) You're With
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  8. Which one of us has a bigger Vag*na?
  9. PornHub to the rescue !
  10. Noose found at exhibit in African American Smithsonian museum
  11. Trump on Paris accord: 'We're getting out'
  12. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Does Bullshido Have a Man on the Inside?
  13. Bill Maher tries to get fired again
  14. New Jersey police try out a new life saving technique
  15. Puerto Rico votes for statehood, again
  16. Exploding refrigerator causes 27-story blaze in London
  17. US Congressman shot in "deliberate attack"
  18. No you are fake news ! You are FAKE NEWS! No YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!
  19. Philando Castile Shooting Verdict Gen BS Version.
  20. Why did Ossof lose in the Georgia special election?
  21. Capitol police remove disabled protestors from Mitch McConnell's office
  22. Muhammad bin Nayef no longer crown prince
  23. Discussion: Profiling Project verses Seth Rich
  24. Hamilton Mixtape Immigrants: We Get The Job Done
  25. Voter information request
  26. 1Bad65 defines abortions
  27. About that sarin attack...
  28. MacGregor Racist?
  29. Chiropractic quackery
  30. Interview with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis - By High School Student
  31. My two favourite things combined...
  32. Trump campaign collusion with Russia
  33. Pro-Filing for AARP Projects.
  34. Worst. Referee. Ever.
  35. Mattis moves to refocus military training on ‘warfighting,’ not ‘senseless’ exercises
  36. Finally, a Science-Based Detox Diet.
  37. Hey Phrost...do some actual research.
  38. American Politics in a Nutshell. For IIF...
  39. Man creates Monster in his basement with Sperm and Chicken Egg - Home Alchemy!
  40. Getting someone who brutally attacked you years ago. (Sorry if wrong place to post.)