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  1. April Fool's Gag Over
  2. Martial Arts Used to Thwart Robbers
  3. Martial arts teams protest another hijab ban
  4. UFC 70: Nations Collide press conference.
  5. Minnesota cities beginning to ban MMA
  6. May is Ninjas Suck Month!
  7. The bare-chested Russian policeman lay on his back on a pile of broken glass and nail
  8. Taekwondo championship to allow hijab
  9. LAPD: Arsonist Slices Man's Arm At Church With Samurai Sword
  10. Smashing times for Korean grannies
  11. Getting older every day...
  12. The 2007 Ultra-Mega Throwdown, Atlanta GA: The Aftermath... and During-math?
  13. Israeli man wrestles wild leopard that crept into his bedroom at night!!!
  14. June is RBSD Sucks Month!
  15. K-1 Dynamite Invades America?
  17. Bullies at the T.B.A. Open
  18. 62 Year-Old Man Chokes Out A Bobcat
  19. WWE Canadian wrestler Benoit, wife and son found dead
  20. Ex-Marine, 72, Teaches Pickpocket a Lesson
  21. Ortiz still makes dollars and sense for UFC and White
  22. Karate Teen Defends PS3 with Samurai Sword
  23. He harnesses mystical energy to perform 'amazing' feats - This is Great!
  24. Happy 4th of July! Point/Counterpoint!
  25. Minotauro's UFC Debut Saturday
  26. One-Legged Martial Arts Master Beats Up Gang of Robbers
  27. July is XMA ("Xtreme Martial Art") Sucks Month!
  28. What in the hell? Someone please describe what is going on here
  29. Karate expert fends off knife-wielding robber!
  30. Carl Cestari reported dead.
  31. ARTICLE: Why I'm A Supporting Member
  32. August is TUF Noobs Suck Month!
  33. Woman confesses murder of Priscila Belfort, says police
  34. UFC Fighters (and a ring girl) Visit Afghanistan
  35. Joe Lauzon to Fight Karo Parysian at UFC 78
  36. MMA:Born with congenital amputation, Kyle Maynard has been denied competition license
  37. George Foreman would have preferred MMA over boxing
  38. The Martial Arts Encyclopedia: BS-Free Info For Martial Artists, By Martial Artists
  39. UFC 74 Gonzaga, St. Pierre have a lot on the line in Vegas
  40. The Most Martialist Articles Martial Artists can Marshall