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  1. Happy Halloween!
  2. Fox News Editorial Featuring TUF Fighters Sammy Morgan and Luke Cummo
  3. Rugby Team Takes Up BJJ to Improve Their Game
  4. Free Image Hosting
  5. Bullies represent in NAGA
  6. "Van Damme wanted to fight terrorism"
  7. TUF 3 tryouts: Boston area
  8. Martial Arts Radio Show
  9. The Rise of the UFC under Dana White (Boston Globe)
  10. Busted: Ninja "Grandmaster" Exposed Making False Claims
  11. Tai-chi: not good for fighting, but great for golf, apparently
  12. Ashida Kim - Blocked Indefinitely From Editing Wikipedia
  13. Black belt dies in bout with girl, 10
  14. Jason "Mayhem" Miller Arrested
  15. Bas Quits!
  16. Article: Matt Thornton's "Why Doesn't Everyone Train Alive?"
  17. 4th degree TKD BB/1st degree JJ stylist takes out robber gunman!
  18. Aikido brown belt granny literally kicks robber's bottom
  19. The Tao of JKDChick REVEALED!
  20. Chuck Norris's Response to How He Feels About His Tears Curing Cancer, etc
  21. The Tao of JKDChick: The Meeting
  22. Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes: The I Choke You Challenge
  23. E-Budo.com and Members Sued By Ninja Idiots
  24. Forum Bully Kidspatula In the News
  25. 8-year-old misbehaving in your martial arts class? Shoot him with a bb gun
  26. 14 arrested in Las Vegas street fight
  27. Martial Arts De-Motivation Posters
  28. David Race Bannon arrested for criminal impersonation
  29. Carlson Gracie died today
  30. Randy Couture, UFC Legend, Retires
  31. Martial arts studio owner indicted for raping child
  32. The Lightweights are Back at UFC 58
  33. Man Survives Bangkok Prison by Taking up Muay Thai
  34. Tito Ortiz to Star in Turkish Anti-American Film
  35. The American Martial Arts Business Climate Tends to Prosper by Allowing Fantasies
  36. Karate Instructor Attempts to Attack 10-year Old Student and is Beaten!
  37. Samuel Browning's David Bannon Investigation Featured in the Rocky Mountain News
  38. UFC - Vegas fans pay up to $450 U.S. to see Quebec athlete
  39. Wing Chun and Muay Thai, probably not a good combination?
  40. Shin Do Kumate IX Review