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  1. INVESTIGATION: John Francis Pertuit, Karate/BJJ Instructor And Teenage Girl Toucher
  2. Massachussetts makes new weighing in policy.
  3. INVESTIGATION: Richard Gilliland, Karate Instructor, Fake SEAL, Fake Judo Black Belt
  4. April is HTFU Month
  5. INVESTIGATION: Jay Grissom, Fake BJJ Black Belt
  6. INVESTIGATION: Robert Braff, Fake Army Colonel, Fake Doctorate
  7. Two Fightleague Events coming to So Cal in May
  8. Two Fightleague Events coming to So Cal in May
  9. BullTube - Independent Bullshido Video Hosting: Now With Working!
  10. Ex-UFC Champion Tito Ortiz Arrested for Domestic Violence
  11. Scott Moore, Paraolympic Coach of the Year
  12. Martial Arts Couch Potatoes No Longer Have to Travel
  13. Monday Morning Martial Arts Magnificent Madness
  14. Massachusetts Woman With No Arms Preparing for Martial Arts Black Belt
  15. UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre: from the Octagon to Parliament Hill
  16. Losing a leg is no bar to martial arts expert Damon Goodson
  17. District Attorney Won’t Prosecute UFC and Mixed Martial Arts Star Tito Ortiz
  18. UFC a one-time-only thing in Vancouver?
  19. INVESTIGATION: Stephen Burrell, Fake Eighth-Degree Black Belt, Fake Vietnam Vet
  20. Twin Ports Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Fighting to Fight Again
  21. INVESTIGATION: Arthur Leon Rhodes, Military Fake
  22. The Ultimate Fighting Championships expands Canadian presence
  23. Carson's Corner Interviews Samuel Browning and Chuck Hardin about Frank Dux
  24. UFC seen as success in Vancouver
  25. UFC Fighter George Sotiropoulos Moves Up the Lightweight Rankings
  26. INVESTIGATION: Steve Bennest, Military and Martial Arts Faker
  27. Australia's MMA Event CFC 14- 5th of June, 2010- Review
  28. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts Teacher Teaches Free Classes to Teens
  29. Injured boxing champion Steve Molitor delays title bout
  30. Tyra Parker staring in First Female Mixed Martial Arts Main Event in Georgia
  31. Second Professional Mixed Martial Arts Death
  32. Rupture North East Jiujitsu Championships
  33. Black Belt Martial Artist Uses Kempo To Neutralize Knife Attacker
  34. Mixed Martial Artists Cage Fight for Cancer
  35. DC Max 2 Tomorrow Night at Fur Night Club in Wahington DC!
  36. Photos from DC Max 2 presented by One World MMA
  37. Taylor Lautner is a martial arts prodigy, gushes Abduction co-star (dreamy photos)
  38. Video of the What: Jane Austin's Fight Club
  39. They Care for Children, But Fly Below Regulatory Radar - Martial Arts
  40. Choking Out One Of Life's Greatest Opponents!