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  1. Kick.AI Is Modernizing Martial Arts With Wearables And Data
  2. From triad members to Muay Thai coaches: young Hongkongers find new life after gangs
  3. No flag or anthem for israeli judo winners
  4. News from Seattle: Woman > Machete
  5. Seagal in the News -again
  6. Roman Boxing Gloves
  7. Hero military veteran, 88, declares 'fear is not in my dictionary'
  8. Michelin-star cuisine and judo
  9. 'Wind' master tries MMA - very old news but interesting.
  10. Blind Judo in India
  11. Ex-Misawa Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Faces Attempted Manslaughter Charge
  12. Former UFC fighter arrested for sexually abusing underaged female.
  13. "Father of American TKD"
  14. First BBC Broadcast UFC Fight
  15. Martial arts instructor choked schoolboys until they collapsed unconscious
  16. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter pins down burglar
  17. The returned of (sanctioned) bare knuckle fist fights.
  18. Chef and BJJ player Anthony Bourdain found dead.
  19. Female Judo Coach
  20. You go girlfriend!
  21. water boxing pool aerobics more than just exercise for the elderly
  22. Madagascar bare knuckle
  23. BJJ is teh deadly: 99 to life
  24. Girl subdues a thief with BJJ (Brazil)
  25. Cops say a would-be kidnapper chased a woman -- into a karate studio.
  26. Jiu-jitsu move may be lifesaver for trauma victims
  27. Professional MMA fighter accused of multiple homicide, escapes, recaptured
  28. BJJ wins again? Mountain lion choked to death by attacked runner
  29. Erberth Santos freaks out and goes after corners, audience
  30. California Black Belt and Coach Arrested On Teen Sex Crime Charges
  31. Connor McGregor arrested for felony robbery and criminal mischief