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  1. Boxing vs a gun
  2. Boxer hits and knocks out referee in ring
  3. "Bulletproof whiteboards"
  4. US Army calls for new sidearm, Beretta wants to provide more of the same?
  5. Will 2nd amendment protect sword carry rights?
  6. Quicky Mart MMA win over robbers
  7. BJ Penn gets busted for assault
  8. Female Muslim boxers
  9. Police: Eugene man arrested for fighting at Peaceful Fighter gym
  10. Buddy Rowe is Dead
  11. Australian jiu-jitsu champion saves tourist from Pyrmont robbery
  12. Boxing helps children - again, this time in South Africa
  13. Jiu-jitsu Instructor Killed Trying To Disarm A Robber On A Bus
  14. Krav Maga guy diarms intruder, shoots him with his own gun.
  15. Mesa bookkeeper admits stealing $1.6M for son's martial arts studio
  16. Taekwondo Teacher Arrested for Knocking Out a 5-Year-Old
  17. Seagal becomes a Serb
  18. 79-Year-Old Bird Watcher Takes Down Oregon Militant With High School Wrestling Move
  19. Pac-man vs. Gay men
  20. In T3h D34dl33 Pharmacy, there Are No Rules
  21. Video of a brawl makes the New York Post
  22. Muhammad Ali, dead at 74
  23. Caught On Camera: BJJ Blue Belt Kills Taxi Driver With Choke
  24. Karateka defeats a bear in hand to hand combat
  25. Scottish boxer Mike Towell dies after match
  26. MMA Fighter pleads guilty to Domestic Violence charge, gets universally panned
  27. Judo/JJ guy saves girl from being killed-
  28. Throws on a hard surface..."behavioral specialist" disables student
  29. Steven Seagal is now a Russian
  30. Street knife fight on cctv
  31. A Hard Look at Gender Identification and Sports
  32. Angela Lee MMA-champion
  33. 14 year old kick boxer dies after fight
  34. 17 year old boxer dies
  35. Former kickboxing champion Dennis Alexio sentenced to 15 years in prison
  36. Japan's Ninja Business (TRT World, a news station in Great Britain).
  37. Matt Hughes hit by Train
  38. Props to Bullshido from Jocko
  39. Martial Arts Star Elected President
  40. 10-year-old uses karate to avoid abduction